FAQs for Housing De-densification

  1. What is the rationale behind changing housing assignments?  
    1. This decision was made after much consideration, based on the campus renewal task force recommendation to de-densify campus (limit the number of people physically in a given space). At the time of original assignments, we were working to bring students back in as many face to face spaces safely. To do this, we moved forward with slight changes to our usual assignment process. Since that time, the number of Covid-19 cases in the state has increased so our response needed to adjust more significantly. Increasing the physical space per resident was necessary to reduce risk of exposure.
  2. Will I get a room?
    1. Your demonstrated need to live on campus will impact your placement on the waiting list for a room. Updated assignments were made on July 22, and additional rounds of assignments are scheduled for July 27 and July 30. As we have space come available, we will assign as many students as safely possible.
  3. What does waitlisted mean?
    1. We have not been able to accommodate your application at this time, but you will be placed on a waiting list, based on demonstrated need. You will be contacted as space becomes available.
  4. Why can’t I have the roommate I requested?
    1. In reassigning space, we made attempts to preserve roommate pairs; however, communities were developed based on major where possible to limit unnecessary exposure.
  5. Why do some people get to keep their room?
    1. Learning community/groups were developed based on the number of students in those majors compared to the number of rooms within available residence halls. If a student’s major coincidentally corresponded to the residence hall for that major, the student may have been assigned into their original room.
  6. Why do some students get to live on campus if I cannot?
    1. Under regular circumstances, we want as many students living on campus as possible. This difficult decision to reassign rooms was a way to limit the number of students on campus, and those with face to face classes were assigned first.
  7. Will I get a roommate?
    1. It is possible that you will receive a roommate.  
  8. Can I pick my suitemate?
    1. If you and your desired suitemate are currently assigned to the same building, you can request an update to your assignment. You will need to confirm the update with all involved parties and contact Housing and Residence Life at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  9. What if I need longer than the presented deadline to decide if I want the assignment offered to me?
    1. We understand that processing this information may take longer for some; however, having this information will allow us to better serve all students. Depending on the number of students who need housing, we cannot guarantee that your assignment will be held.
  10. Why do I need to sign the addendum?
    1. We have had much more information come available since your original contract was published. Policies and procedures have been updated to reflect our responses to Covid-19, and the addendum gives you the new material needed to make an informed decision. 
  11. What is a Self-Care Plan?
    1. Preventative measures will be in place to minimize the risk of infection for The W community members, but the possibility remains that students may become ill due to COVID-19. In addition to the steps we will take to promote health and support recovery, students will support their recovery through the development of a Self-Care Plan. The plan helps students develop a plan for travel, housing arrangements, food security, and medical treatment in the event they are identified as a known positive, person under investigation, and/or a known close contact exposure. 
  12. What does de-densify mean?
    1. De-densifying campus means lowering the number of people on campus at any given time. A de-densified campus will allow for greater amounts of physical space between individuals in classrooms, common areas, and residence halls, which will only serve to strengthen the health, safety, and general well-being measures described in the campus renewal plan (https://www.muw.edu/renewal).
  13. When can I move-in?
    1. Residents will be assigned a date and time between August 12 and August 16 for move-in day. This will be assigned based on your assignment to reduce the number of people checking in at once. Housing and Residence Life will email you to inform you of your assigned time.
  14. What if I cannot move in on the assigned date?
    1. Students can contact the office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a different move-in day time.
  15. Can my suitemate become my roommate instead of having a new person assigned to my room?
    1. Yes, residents will be given the option to consolidate before additional students are added into their suites.
  16. How much will this cost?
    1. Initially, residents will be billed for the double occupancy rate, even those assigned as singles. Once additional students can be added into the halls, those wishing to buy out a private room will be billed accordingly.
  17. How will this impact my financial aid?
    1. You will need to speak with a financial aid staff member to discuss your financial aid package. They can be reached at 662-329-7114.