Contract Release Requests



If at any time you decide to cancel your room assignment, written notification must be provided to the Office of Housing & Residence Life prior to June 1st prior to the fall semester of the academic year student will be attending.

Cancellation after June 1st but prior to the beginning date (official opening day of the halls in August), will result in a $150 cancellation fee.

Failure to cancel once the beginning date (official opening day of the halls in August) arrives will result in full room charges (and meal plan charges) being assessed to your student account if you are found to be a student taking more than 6 hours at the university.



Residents who wish to depart from housing before the contract has expired must submit a cancellation form and appeal letter to the Office of Housing & Residence Life.

All cancellation request will be brought before the appeals committee to be approved or disapproved.  If disapproved, all decisions are final, and will have to be appealed to the Director of Housing and Residence Life. If approved for release from the resident's contract, they must vacate their room, check out with a staff member, and return room keys within 48 hours of approval.

The student will also be charged a $250 contract breakage fee. Failure to complete these steps will result in forfeiture of the remainder of the contract's room rent. Room rent will be prorated on a percentage schedule if applicable.

Any student found to be enrolled at the University during the academic term of that contract who had withdrawn to cancel their Housing Contract, will be charged the full room charges (and meal plan charges) of that contract term.