Nursing Project Guidelines

The BSN honors student will develop an independent research proposal and project that adds to the body of knowledge related to the art and science of nursing. Requirements for HO 401 and HO 402: Independent Study will follow the MUW Honors College guidelines. The BSN honors student's research proposal and project must be unique and independent of any BSN NU 425/449 group research proposal and project. However, the student may use the same target population.

During HO 401, fall semester, the nursing student, while developing the research proposal and conducting preliminary research, will also follow the research guidelines from NU 425: Theory and Research I:

Chapter I (Introduction)

Chapter II (Review of the Literature)

Chapter III (Research Design and Methodology)

During HO 402, spring semester, the nursing student, while conducting research, completing the formal paper, and delivering the oral presentation, will also follow the research guidelines from NU 449: Theory and Research II.

Chapter IV (Results of the Study)

Chapter V (Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendations)


Guidelines for Presentation of Community Research Study

The BSN Honors student must complete proposal and project assignments according to the HO 401 and 402 syllabi, and these assignments may or may not coincide with BSN NU 425/449 syllabi. All completed assignments should be submitted to the Honors Director and to the BSN Honors Committee.