Health & Kinesiology Project Guidelines

Health and Kinesiology students should use the following guidelines when preparing an honors project. A project within the Health and Kinesiology Division should be either:

1. an original research project in which data are collected, analyzed, interpreted and discussed or
2. a review project in which the selected topic is extensively reviewed, summarized, and discussed.

The honors project should conform to the following guidelines:

1. Selection of committee:

A. The student should select an advisor at least one semester prior to the submission of the project proposal.
B. Under the guidance of the student's advisor and the honors program director, the student will select his/her committee members.

2. Selection of a topic:

The student should obtain approval of his/her selected topic from the student's advisor and committee.

3. Proposal:

A. The student will research the selected topic and submit a written proposal to the student advisor. The proposal should consist of the following items:
1. A brief introduction based on the literature review.
2. Statement of the purpose.
3. Methodology for data collection and analyses.
4. References.

B. After the student's advisor approves the proposal, the student should submit the proposal to the committee for approval.

C. After the committee approves the proposal, the strident will submit the appropriate documents to the Use of Human Subjects committee. From this point until the completion of the project, the student should continue to review relevant literature.

D. After approval by the Use of Human Subjects committee and any other organization or committee, then the student can begin collecting data.

E. Once all of the data have been collected, the student should analyze the data and interpret the results of the analysis under the supervision of the advisor. At this point the student will complete the results and discussion sections of the project.

F. Upon completion of the discussion section, the student will submit the project to his/her advisor. The student will make recommended changes as suggested by his/her advisor.

G. After the project is approved by the student's advisor, the student will then submit the complete project to his/her committee. The student will make changes recommended by the committee until final approval is obtained.

4. Final project:

The final project will consist of the following components:

A. Cover Sheet (see APA Manual)

B. Abstract
150 to 250 word summary of the project

C. Introduction
Brief overview of literature
Importance or significance of the study
Hypotheses and/or predictions
Limitations (if Necessary)

D. Literature Review
Comprehensive summary of the literature relevant to the topic of the study
Evidence of the significance and originality of the study
In depth rationale for the hypotheses and/or predictions

E. Methodology
Participants (number and descriptive information)
Detailed description of the experimental design
Detailed description of the task(s)/training
Detailed description of the instrumentation
Data collection

F. Results
Data analyses
Summary of data (tables and figures are necessary)
Summary of analyses
Statistical support or lack of support for the hypotheses and/or predictions

G. Discussion
The results of the study will be interpreted and discussed with respect to the previous research as discussed in the review of the literature

H. References
Include all of the references cited in the text
Follow APA format

I. Tables (if appropriate)
Include only if the information is not reported in the text
Follow APA format

J. Figures (if appropriate)
Include only if the information is not reported in the text
Follow APA format

K. Appendices
Include consent forms, questionnaires, and other form(s) used in the study
Tables of the results of the analyses
Follow APA format