Culinary Arts Project Guidelines

An Independent Study is an integral part of the requirement of Honors graduates. This requirement is met in part by enrolling and completing HO 401 and HO 402. An original, scholarly independent study is the primary goal and endpoint for each student. These guidelines for the independent research project will assist culinary students in this process.

1. Each student will develop an area of interest and topic of her/his research proposal. Students are encouraged to talk with the representative from Culinary Arts on the honors faculty committee and are encouraged to brainstorm ideas with fellow Honors students. Prior to starting the Independent Study, an informal gathering of Honors students in Culinary Arts will be organized by the honors faculty committee member. Attendance is highly recommended.

2. Once a student has established an original study topic, she/he will write a one page pre-proposal and submit it to the honors faculty committee member in Culinary Arts. The pre-Proposal will contain a statement of the problem based on observations or historical data, a testable hypothesis, and expected outcomes based upon a scholarly research design. The student and honors faculty committee member will fine tune the pre-proposal and collectively develop a list of possible faculty mentors who might serve on the project committee. The student will then ask faculty members if they will serve on the committee by submitting the pre-proposal to them for review.

3. The project committee, which includes the honors faculty committee member in Culinary Arts, will serve as the guiding body for the review and approval of the ongoing and final independent study project in consultation with the Honors Director.

4. The student will develop a formal research proposal from the approved pre-proposal. This formal research proposal will serve as the basis for the poster presentation as required by the Honors College. Elements of the Research Topic Proposal must include: An Introduction (Statement of the Researchable Problem), a Survey of the Literature pertinent to the researchable problem, a formal Methods and Approach (Testing the Hypothesis) Section, Results Section (Data Collection and Summary), and a Conclusions and Discussion Section.

5. Students may combine their Culinary Internship (CA 350) requirement with the Honors Independent Study if an appropriate site meshes with a data collection phase of the project. Consultation early on with the honors faculty committee member in culinary Arts in the process is essential in this planning.

6. Students must submit a written manuscript of their Independent Study. Students will follow the format guidelines for any formal written and scholarly research paper and may use the style typical of the following professional publications: The Journal of Food Science, Animal Behaviour Journal, or Food Chemistry Journal. The important point is to be consistent and professional with writing, format, and citation styles.

7. It is highly recommended that students submit periodic timelines of the research in progress to their project committee consistent with the requirements of the HO 401 and HO 402 guidelines throughout this process.

8. Students are expected to present a final oral presentation of their original research upon completion of the Independent Study. The final grade for the project will be determined by the project committee and will be based upon the written manuscript as well as oral presentation.