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The Advantage of Honors

Membership in the Gordy Honors College provides a myriad of advantages and opportunities.  In addition to an enhanced learning experience that will benefit you throughout your life, the Gordy Honors College is pleased to offer its members the following:

  • Membership in the Gordy Honors College and completion of the honors curriculum is the only way to receive your college degree with departmental honors.
  • Members may apply for grants to support their undergraduate research and help pay for travel to conferences and professional events.
  • The Honors College supports students to attend regional and national honors conferences.  
  • Only members of the Gordy Honors College are eligible to participate in the Honors Study Abroad program. 
  • Membership allows students to apply for leadership positions in the Honors College, including the Student Honors Council, as well as paid positions such as the honors mentors and office administrative assistant.