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Healthy Classroom Certificate

The physical and emotional well-being of students can make a huge difference in the classroom. The W's Healthy Classroom certificate can help you incorporate healthy choices into your lessons and throughout your school.

After taking three of the designated courses, a participant can apply for a Healthy Classroom Certificate for a charge of $50.00.

Each six-week course is completely online and self-paced through Outreach & Innovation's Professional Learning Academy. A total of 2 CEUs, 1 OSL, or 15 SEMIs can be earned.

If you have any questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 662.241.6101.


Choose three (3) courses from the list below to be eligible to receive a Healthy Classroom certificate:


Active Classroom

Participants will learn about the positive relationship between physical activity and learning and how to incorporate physical activity in the teaching of academic subjects.

Basics of Nutrition

Participants will learn the tools needed to create healthy eating patterns and how to incorporate this routine in daily food choices.

Common Issues Associated with Teaching Sexual Health Education

Participants will explore the common issues impacting sexual education.  Sexuality Education has been around for decades, however, there are many implications/issues affecting the content of what needs are to be addressed in sexuality educational programs.

Faith-Based Sexuality Education

The inclusion and the exclusion of faith in sexuality education within the public schools is often a difficult area for teachers to navigate.  This course aims to help resolve some of the grey areas associated with sexual health education in the public school and religion.

Food Allergies in the School Setting

Children with food allergies are a growing population in today's schools. This course will seek to inform educators not only of the symptoms and treatment of food allergies, but also how to best serve these students who may be placed in their school.

Fostering a Healthy Classroom

Participants will gain a foundational knowledge of health and they will learn strategies to encourage health in their classroom.

Introduction to Sexual Health Education in Mississippi

An introduction to the overall goals and objectives of sexual health education, as well as, an understanding of the different types of sexual health education allowed within the state of Mississippi helps educators become more prepared to teach a course in sexual health education.

Introduction to Sexual Orientation, Identity, and Expression

Sexual health education teachers are faced with additional challenges regarding the inclusion of sexual orientation, identity, and expression within sexual health education.  This courses will explore the current terminology and how best to include all students in your sexual health course regardless of sexual orientation, identity, and expression.

Making a Bully-Free Zone

Participants will learn about the different types of bullying and prevention techniques to help those at risk.

Moving through Academics

In this course, we will explore the elements of dance and learn how to use them to teach in the academic setting. We will look at the difference between activities that use movement and activities that are integrated with dance elements.

Multi-Cultural Aspects of Sexual Health Education

Teachers have students from all racial, cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds, therefore, approaching the topics within sexual health education can become a difficult task. This course will explore the various cultural aspects of sexual health education that teachers will encounter with their culturally diverse students.

Sexual Health Education: Reproductive Anatomy

A general understanding of the reproductive anatomy is required to accurately teach sexual health education.  This course provides an overview of the human reproductive anatomy and provide tips on how teachers can teach reproductive anatomy within a sexual health course.


Students often have questions regarding specific STIs and how they are treated.  This course will help provide teachers with the information and resources to answer the difficult questions regarding STIs, HIV, and AIDs.

Teaching Methods of Sexual Health Education

A well-planned sexuality education program is considerate of the culture within the classroom, sequential, and educationally sound.  Participants will learn about the numerous sexuality education programs that are available to be taught as part of school districts’ curriculum, and how to effectively implement these programs.

Teaching Safe Sex Practices in the Classroom

Participants will be able to identify different forms of contraceptives used for both STI preventing and pregnancy prevention and learn skills needed to properly educate students on using contraceptives to reduce unplanned pregnancy and STI transmission.



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