COLUMBUS, Miss. – Area educators will have an opportunity to learn from each other and be celebrated as part of the Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teachers and Teaching Conference (ECET2) to be held March 1-2 on the campus of Mississippi University for Women.

It is the second year in a row for The W to receive the $24,000 to host the conference, which was born out of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s desire to improve and enhance teachers’ professional growth and development; reduce the sense of isolation from their peers; and enhance their voices as leaders and advocates in their classrooms, schools, districts and communities.

ECET2 offers teachers the opportunity to learn from one another and celebrate their profession through national and regional gatherings led by teachers, for teachers.

Melinda Lowe, interim director of Outreach & Innovation at The W, said the program has been planned to satisfy the following goals:
•    to support local teachers by celebrating the teaching profession, offering training in current pedagogy and best practices, and establishing a network of lasting collaboration among teachers across the tri-county area
•    to identify teacher leaders in each partnering school, and enhance their leadership skills by providing opportunities for training and service so they are equipped to create change and effectively improve productivity in their schools;
•    to build relationships between school districts and local business and professional leaders for future support and collaboration.

Lowe said, “ECET2 convenings are events created by teachers, for teachers. They harness the power of teacher leader networks to deepen learning, improve the teaching profession and better serve students. The goals of the Golden Triangle convening are consistent with the desired ECET2 outcomes for teachers to grow, collaborate and lead.  

Funding for the meetings were limited with only 48 regional convenings taking place this year. The W was chosen to host the only convening in Mississippi.

On Friday, March 1, teachers will hear from a keynote speaker, a motivated and engaging teacher, who will inspire teachers with new and creative ideas.

Saturday’s activities will involve “Cultivating a Calling” speakers who will inspire and motivate teachers to continue to grow personally and professionally. Breakout sessions will provide a variety of topics for teachers to glean new insights and improve current classroom practices. Small “Colleague Circles” will be formed so that teachers in the same grade level and content areas can develop a collaboration network. A celebration luncheon will follow.  

 “With the dynamic synergy that was developed during last year’s convening, we are planning to have 200 in attendance year,” said Melinda Lowe, interim director of Outreach & Innovation at The W.

Teachers will have the opportunity to earn one free continuing education unit, as well as some relaxation with the return of the spa room.

Oct. 23, 2018
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