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M.A.T. Program Course of Study


First Semester

  • ED 549: Instructional Assessment Practices & Procedures
  • ED 551: Managing the Instructional Environments

At this point, candidates are eligible for a Mississippi Educator 3-year Nonrenewable Alternate Route License and should obtain a paid teaching position to complete the internship requirement. MAT Candidates are responsible for identifying potential teaching positions, applying for and receiving a teaching contract. Candidates must obtain a position in an accredited school in a 7th-12th grade classroom (K-12 for art, health, and physical education) in a subject area endorsed on their 3-year, Nonrenewable Alternate Route License to complete ED 697: Internship in Masters of Education.


Internship Phase

  • ED 697: Internship in Masters of Education (6 hours)

At this point, candidates are eligible for a 5-year, Class A Alternate Route Mississippi Educator License.


Additional Graduate Courses for Class AA Licensure and Degree Completion

  • ED 500: Educational Research
  • ED 514: The Professional Role of Educators
  • ED 520: Foundations of Education
  • ED 527: Content and Disciplinary Literacy
  • ED 538: Understanding Individual Learning Differences
  • ED 592: Capstone in Education

Master of Arts in Teaching Course Rotation

Spring Semesters    Summer Semesters  
Fall Semesters   
 ED 500 ED 500 ED 500
 ED 592 ED 592 ED 592
 ED 549 ED 549 ED 549
 ED 551 ED 551 ED 551
 ED 697 ED 514 ED 697
 ED 520 ED 527 ED 538

All students must have active Taskstream accounts while enrolled either in the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) or Master of Education (M.Ed.) programs. Students needing new Taskstream accounts will be assessed a program fee, currently $139.00, during their initial term of enrollment.

MAT Certification Areas

Physical Education
Social Studies


Visit the MDE Division of Educator Licensure website for Praxis and licensure information.