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School of Education COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information

For all Education students, undergraduate and graduate: The faculty are making adjustments now to courses and are putting processes in place to help support you through the remainder of the semester completely through remote, online or other alternative instructional means. All processes, including coursework and advising, will be available to you in ways that support you while you and faculty are working virtually. Look for additional notification concerning course adjustments, changes in advising, and other important processes over the following days.

Implementation Teams

The Division of Education and Outreach has a multi-staged process for proposing and approving changes that affect program-specific accreditation processes, curriculum and instructional practices, student support initiatives, faculty and staff support initiatives, and marketing and recruitment practices specific to the Division.

Questions, concerns, or ideas may be proposed to be considered by the following implementation teams, each of which is charged to assess the relevance of the proposed item and to recommend how best to implement a solution or solutions with a timeline that is appropriate for each implementation.

Proposals for implementation are presented to the full faculty and staff of the Division, and the institution’s Teacher Education Council (TEC) membership when appropriate, for vote prior to any further action.


Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP)

The CAEP Implementation Team is charged with organizing the university’s Teacher Educator Preparation (TEP) programs’ efforts to ensure we are meeting accreditation standards and are applying research-based best practices for continuous improvement in teacher education efforts at the W.

CAEP Team Initiatives

  • Accreditation Self-Study - Fall 2019
  • Review of Program Data for Continuous Improvements for TEP - Ongoing


Innovation in Curriculum & Instruction

The Innovation in Curriculum & Instruction Team is responsible for the initial review of all curricular-based items and serves as the Division’s curriculum committee in that respect. The team is also responsible for the review of all instructional efforts within the Division and for making recommendations concerning best practices for improving instruction.

Innovation in Curriculum & Instruction Team Initiatives

  • Finalizing Validation Credit Exams for Community College Early Childhood Transfer Students - Fall 2019
  • Education Courses Rotation Review and Revision - Fall 2019


Division Faculty & Staff Support

The Division Faculty & Staff Support Team meets to discuss any current issues facing Education faculty and staff, identifies potential opportunities for professional development and growth, and proposes practical solutions for supporting Education faculty and staff.

Faculty & Staff Support Team Initiatives

  • The Learning Laboratory, Division-Level Support for a Research Agenda in Innovations in Instruction and Delivery – Ongoing
  • SPARC Grant Partnership with Sponsored Programs to Support Division’s Faculty & Staff Research Efforts – 2019-2020


Complete Student Support

The Complete Student Support Team meets to discuss current issues surrounding Education student success, identifies recognized and potential barriers to their progress, reviews best practices in addressing student support with a particular emphasis on the needs of Education students, and proposes practical solutions for supporting Education students.

Complete Student Support Team Initiatives

  • Review of Education Student Progress to Identify Potential Barriers and Ways to Improve Education Programs - Ongoing
  • Review of Student Support Resources, Both On and Off Campus, that Benefit Education Students - Ongoing


Marketing & Recruitment 

The Marketing & Recruitment Team is responsible for researching and identifying Education recruitment opportunities, including community and statewide events and programs. The team is also responsible for the development and distribution of Division-specific marketing materials.


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