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Accredited Programs

School of Education

The following Programs were part of the 2021 CAEP Accreditation Review:

At the initial level, the School of Education offers Bachelors of Science degrees for licensure pathways in the following programs:
B.S., Elementary Education (K-6 licensure)

In cooperation with the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Education currently offers the following special subject and secondary education undergraduate degree programs:
B.S., Music (Vocal and Instrumental Performance) Education (K-12 licensure)
B.S., Spanish Education (K-12 licensure)
B.S., Theatre Education (K-12 licensure)
B.S., English Education (7-12 licensure)
B.S., Social Studies Education (7-12 licensure)
B.S., Mathematics Education (7-12 licensure)
B.S., Biology Education (7-12 licensure)
B.S., Physical Science Education (7-12 licensure)

The School of Education currently offers the following alternate route initial level program:
M.A.T.-Master of Arts in Teaching

At the Advanced Level, the School of Education offers Masters of Education degrees in the following programs:
M.Ed., Education with the choice of the following emphasis areas:
Educational Leadership
Gifted Studies

*Updated January 2021 - SOE