Illustration of Coronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)


Summer 2022

Mississippi University for Women continues our commitment to a safe and healthy campus environment by promoting health and wellness protocols, personal responsibility, and compassion for others. Each member of the campus community plays a critical role in keeping individuals and the campus safe.

Any health protocols adopted by the University should be considered institutional directives and are not subject to the discretion of individuals or individual units. Individuals are encouraged to check these guidelines regularly as they are subject to change.

Attention continues to be given to the advisement of our local, state, and national experts, and the Covid-19 community level impacts the campus protocols.

If you think you were exposed to COVID-19:

Your response to exposure to COVID-19 will vary depending on your vaccination status and presence of symptoms.

Vaccinations & Booster Shots

The W STRONGLY RECOMMENDS all members of the campus community get the COVID-19 vaccine and all recommended booster shots. Free vaccinations and booster shots are available to all members of the campus community. If you are interested in receiving a free COVID-19 vaccine or booster on campus, please call the Campus Health Center at 662-329-7289.

Stop the Spread

Contact Tracing

If you or someone you know test positive for COVID-19:

COVID-19 Testing

The Campus Health Center will continue to offer PCR and rapid COVID testing for individuals exhibiting any sign or symptom of COVID-19. The rapid test is offered free of charge as tests are available as tests are available.

COVID 19 testing may be required for limited populations (e.g. student athletes, residential students, Study Abroad). This may be a condition of participation or a response measure following a potential outbreak. Those who are fully vaccinated and provide proof will not be subject to testing.