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Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts

Culinary SushiThe BS in Culinary Arts program from The Culinary Arts Institute at The W is one of the few programs of its kind in the Southeast United States. The four-year program combines the top-ranked liberal arts education The W is renowned for, with the latest culinary techniques taught by our acclaimed chef-instructors.

Students may choose from five emphasis areas:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Food Art
  • Nutrition/Wellness
  • Culinology
  • Food Journalism


CulinaryCulinology® is a partnership with Mississippi State University that combines courses offered in Culinary Arts at The W with courses that are offered in Food Science at MSU.  Culinology® is an approach that blends culinary arts and food technology.  Through the blending of these two disciplines, Culinology seeks to make food taste better—whether purchased in a supermarket or eaten in a restaurant.

Culinology® also seeks to make food more consistent and safe.  A primary application of Culinology is to logically translate sophisticated food concepts, such as those applied in fine dining or in a traditional ethnic cuisine, to items that are on the menus of chain restaurants or those process for retail sale.  As such, chain-menu or retail product development is possible only through the combination of culinary arts and food science and technology.

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Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Administration

Culinary TomatoesThe Culinary Arts Institute has a partnership with Hinds Community College and Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College that allows students earning an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree to continue their bachelor’s degree studies in Jackson of Gulfport campus (or at main campus in Columbus) with instruction from MUW faculty.  Students complete the required courses in business online with The W. 

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Culinary Arts also allows those holding an Associate of Applied Science degree to progress toward a baccalaureate degree by accepting a predetermined amount of career and technical credit.  The B.A.S. graduate will be able to combine the applied skill set learned in his or her career/technical program and his or her accrued real-world experience with additional skills learned at The W to develop career pathways.

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