Culinary Camp for Kids

The Culinary Arts Institute

Culinary Kids Camp


The Culinary Camp has been cancelled for 2021 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
We look forward to returning in Summer 2022!

Explore the world of culinary arts

In the professional setting of The Culinary Arts Institute, your child will have the opportunity to learn and explore the wonderful world of foods through demonstration, lectures, and hands-on work in our kitchen.

The busy week will begin with instruction in food safety, proper sanitation and kitchen safety. Each day of camp will find us busy at work as we use practical techniques to produce the recipes of the day that can be easily repeated at home.

As the week progresses, campers will gain practical skills in the correct use of appliances, healthy meal planning and etiquette.

Special Activities:

There will be special activities for family and friends on the final day of camp based on what your child has learned. These activities may include mini- demos and treats prepared by the campers.

What Campers can Expect:

Working successfully with others as a team member.
Learning to correctly and safely use sharp knives, hot ovens and pans.
Reading, understanding, and following a properly written recipe.
Organizational skills as mise en place is practiced in preparation to cook.
Clean-up skills - Cleaning after themselves as they cook and leaving their work spaces clean and sanitary.
Etiquette skills practiced daily as they learn to properly set their place at the table and use proper etiquette as they enjoy what they have prepared.
Enjoy the experience of tasting new Principles of good nutrition - making wise choices of foods and portions for menu planning and eating well for health and well being.

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