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SmarterProctoring® is a database of virtual proctoring solutions, testing centers, and individuals that are available to proctor exams. Through Canvas integration, institutions and instructors are able to identify to their students what proctoring solutions are acceptable for their exams. Students are then able to schedule their exam with these acceptable proctoring solutions all within Canvas.

Depending on how the instructor sets up the Smarter Proctoring settings, students will be able to schedule a proctored exam with a university testing center (including MUW's proctoring center in Reneau Hall), other professional testing centers, independent face-to-face proctors, the course instructor, and/or online with a live proctor. While MUW's proctoring center offers its services free of charge to currently-enrolled W students, third party and online proctors may charge a fee for their services. Students are responsible for paying those fees. Instructors are encouraged to consider these potential costs when deciding how many proctored exams to require for a given course.

ImportantFaculty setting up an exam in Smarter Proctoring should enter the following URL in the "Exam URL" field on the Exam Details page within Smarter Proctoring: https://muw.instructure.com/login/saml  This will direct proctors and students to the MUW portal login screen and allow them to access Canvas.

Please note: Respondus LockDown Browser is not compatible with the online proctoring software used through Smarter Proctoring. The online proctors use a very similar system themselves and the two programs cannot work together. If you allow your students to select online proctoring as an option for your exam, please disable LockDown Browser to avoid difficulties. If you want to keep LockDown Browser in place for students using face-to-face proctors, consider setting up two separate instances of the same exam where one is clearly labled for online proctoring and the other for face-to-face proctoring and engage the LockDown Browser settings accordingly. Please also be aware that some non-MUW testing centers may not permit students to download and install third party software like LockDown Browser on their lab computers and may not advertise this policy on their online center descriptions.

SmarterProctoring Instructor Handouts

For the latest updates, check the SmarterProctoring Support Center

Setting Up an Online Exam

Setting Up a Pen & Paper Exam

Submitting Change Requests for a Locked Exam

Setting Up an Accomodation (e.g. ADA compliance)

Viewing Exam Session Details (i.e. viewing individual students' proctoring choices)

Adding an Ad-Hoc Proctor 

Deleting Duplicate Exams in the Instructor Dashboard:

At this time there is no way to delete a duplicate exam in the instructor's dashboard. If you accidentally make a duplicate entry, choose one and edit it to make sure that the scheduling window is closed and to change the name of the exam to indiciate to students that it is an error and that they should not try to register for this particular exam. The software developers are working on a better solution for this issue.


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