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Dr. Ann M. Fletchall

Visiting Assistant Professor of Geography


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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Teaching areas: World Geography and Regional Geography courses

Research interests: televisual geographies, sense of place, the American cultural landscape

Selected publications: 

  • Fletchall, A.M. 2013. Making Sense of the Strip: The Postmodern Pastiche of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Southeastern Geographer 53(1): 102-122.
  • Fletchall, A.M., C. Lukinbeal, and K.E. McHugh. 2012.  Place, Television, and the Real Orange County.  
  • Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag; McHugh, K.E.  and A. M. Fletchall. 2012. Festival & the Laughter of Being. Space & Culture 15(4): 381-394.
  • McHugh, K.E.  and A. M. Fletchall. 2009.  Memento Mori: The Death of Youngtown.  The Professional Geographer 61(1): 21-35.