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Join the Kossen Center and the Office of Sponsored Projects to start the new decade with some professional development opportunities! Session descriptions are available beneath the at-a-glace schedule. Attendance for all non-convocation events is voluntary and no registration is required. Please come as you are able. Download a copy of the schedule or view it below. 


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As always, we would be happy to schedule an individual, departmental, or college-level session on any topic related to teaching and learning, academic technology, or sponsored projects at any time. Please contact Amber Handy with any questions or to set up an appointment.


Monday, January 6, 2020

8:30-10:00    Convocation   Rent Auditorium
10:30-12:00   QEP Impact Open Forum   Tiered Classroom, 1st floor Fant Library
1:30-2:30   Creating a Grant Application Budget   Active Learning Classroom, 2nd floor Fant Library
3:00-4:00   Introducing Portfolium, a New Canvas ePortfolio Tool   Active Learning Classroom, 2nd floor Fant Library

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

 8:30-5:00   Drop-In Assistance for Teaching, Technology, or Grants   Kossen Center, 2nd floor Fant Library


Session Descriptions:

QEP Impact Open Forum: Any faculty or staff member who was involved in the QEP in any capacity, from being a member of the initial planning committee to implementing a new teaching strategy to helping publicize the program to students, is invited to join our conversation about the how the QEP impacted our students and campus environment. Your feedback about what the QEP meant to you and our students will ensure that the team writing the final report doesn't miss any ways that the process has affected our campus and could help to lay the stage for thinking ahead to the next QEP. Please feel free to arrive late or leave early as your schedule requires.

Creating a Grant Application Budget: Not sure where to start with the budgeting process for your next grant application? Confused about indirect costs and what expenses may be eligible? Thisi workshop will demystify the process and provide you with the information you need to get your application ready for submission.

Introducing Portfolium, a New Canvas ePortfolio Tool: This new tool from the makers of Canvas allows students to make robust digital portfolios to showcase their academic, extracurricular, leadership, and other skills to prospective employers. Seamless integration with Canvas means that students can easily add course projects and students can take their portfolios with them after graduation to help with their job search and professional networking.