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Amber Handy

COLUMBUS, Miss. -- Starting this fall, Mississippi University for Women will help faculty develop more interactive and innovative classrooms with the creation of the Center for Teaching and Learning. 


Led by  Dr. Amber Handy of The W’s Department of History, Political Science and Geography, the center has  the goals of developing faculty skills and helping develop tactics that will encourage classroom innovation. 

“We cannot create an interactive hands-on class room experience unless we train our faculty in these techniques,” said Handy.

To facilitate a classroom with interaction, the center will provide workshops, grant opportunities and offer professional development and counseling sessions for the faculty. 

For this fall, the Center for Teaching and Learning has already organized a faculty development day, a technology and the classroom workshop and will work throughout the entire academic year to train and support new faculty members. 

“Our best resource that we have at The W is the fantastic faculty,” stated Handy.

The creation of the Center for Teaching and Learning is a result of The W’s Quality Enhancement Plan. The plan was developed to create and nurture a genuine desire for knowledge through active problem solving among students.

Handy served as chair of the Faculty Development QEP Committee, co-wrote the proposal for the QEP and served as a committee member on the Academic Integrity Committee. 

She holds a doctorate of philosophy and master of arts from the University of Notre Dame. Handy has been an assistant professor at The W since 2011 and served as an instructor of record at the University of Notre Dame from 2009 to 2011. 


July 16, 2015

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