Mary Lou Peyton Study Abroad Scholarships

The History faculty invites applications to the Mary Lou Peyton Study Abroad Scholarship program from History majors who have applied to an existing study abroad programs approved by the MUW Study Abroad Office. Students may apply for scholarship funding before learning whether or not they have been formally accepted to their study abroad program. However, if the student is subsequently not admitted to the study abroad program then any scholarship funds awarded will be withdrawn.  Scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis.

Apply for Peyton Study Abroad Scholarship



"Don't let anything hold you back"

Meredith Woolbright enjoys traveling and the Peyton Scholarship made it possible to go further than ever before. Softball has paved the way for the Mississippi University for Women junior to visit numerous cities throughout the United States, but none of those trips impacted Woolbright like the one she took as a Peyton Scholar.

Meredith's story




  • Who is eligible? +

    • All Mississippi University for Women undergraduate students with a declared History major, including History, History with a concentration in Public History, or History with Teacher Certification in History are eligible to apply.
    • The student must have a minimum cumulative GPA of at least 2.8 and a GPA in History courses of at least 3.0.
    • The student must have applied for a study abroad program approved by the Study Abroad Office. Acceptance to the program is not required to apply for scholarship funds.
    • Funds must be used during the current fiscal year (July-June).
    • Students may not use scholarship funds in countries under a current U.S. Department of State Travel Warning.
    • For more assistance with locating and applying to approved study abroad programs, contact the Study Abroad Office.
  • What kinds of trips can be funded? +

    The History faculty will consider applications from students applying to recognized study abroad programs held anywhere in the world as long as it is not under a current U.S. Department of State Travel Warning. The History faculty will give preference to programs that either provide training in a language related to the student’s program of study and/or career goals, and/or contain a historical component.
  • How can I apply? +

    The application must include the following components:

    • Create an account to submit the online application
    • Provide a tentative budget with itemized expenses
    • Provide a personal statement of 250-500 words explaining how the proposed study abroad trip connects to or enriches the student’s study of history;
    • An unofficial copy of the student’s complete undergraduate transcript(s);
    • Evidence of application to an approved study abroad program in the form of one of the following:
      • An official letter or e-mail from the study abroad program acknowledging receipt of the student’s application;
      • A copy of the student’s dated application to the study abroad program.
      • Please note if the student has already been formally accepted to the program.
    • A letter of support from the student’s major advisor- to be submitted by the advisor directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • When are applications due? +

    The student must complete the application form and submit it, with all supporting materials, to the History Department no later than November 10 (for spring and early summer trips) or April 15 (for fall and winter).

    Results of the competition will be announced by December 15 and May 4. Scholarship awards are contingent on acceptance into and participation in a recognized study abroad program.

  • What’s the catch? +

    Successful applicants will be expected to prepare a brief report or presentation on their study abroad experience and how it has enhanced their educational experience to be submitted after their return to the United States.
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