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Division of Education & Outreach COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information

For all Education students, undergraduate and graduate: The faculty are making adjustments now to courses and are putting processes in place to help support you through the remainder of the semester completely through remote, online or other alternative instructional means. All processes, including coursework and advising, will be available to you in ways that support you while you and faculty are working virtually. Look for additional notification concerning course adjustments, changes in advising, and other important processes over the following days.

Elementary Education Student Teacher with Young Boy

Elementary Education, B.S.

Cultivate. Enhance. Collaborate.

The W offers a K-6 licensure route.  Under the K-6 licensure route, you will choose two concentration areas from English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. You also have the option to obtain licensure endorsements to teach your selected concentration areas in grades 7-12.
Alongside top-notch classes, The W's Education programs include Residency courses to give you more classroom experience than any other program in the state.

Please note: All entering freshmen and transfer Education students will begin their major as Early Childhood Development. After completing Block 1 Education courses, completing the MDE Praxis Core exam or earning a 21 or higher composite ACT score, and maintaining an overall GPA of 2.75 or greater, students may apply to become an Elementary Education major if interested.


*Updated December 2019 - DEO