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Office of Field Experiences

Division of Education & Outreach



Teacher Education Handbook

The Teacher Education Handbook includes important information about the Teacher Educator Preparation Programs. Please visit the handbook at the address below to learn more about progression through the Undergraduate Educator Preparation Program.



The route to a teacher education degree begins with the ED 300 Education as a Profession course. Establishment of the candidate’s assessment portfolio is initiated in this course via Taskstream™.  All teacher education candidates are required to register for an account in the online data management system, Taskstream™ .


Background Check Requirement

All teacher education candidates are required to submit a “cleared” background check prior to beginning field experience courses. For additional information about this requirement, please contact the Office of Field Experiences at 662-241-6415.


Teacher Internship Program Application Process

Each semester a Teacher Internship orientation meeting is held for all teacher education candidates wishing to apply to the following semester’s Teacher Internship program. An active Taskstream™ account is required to complete the application process. For details about date, time, and location of the orientation please contact the Office of Field Experiences at 662-241-6415.


Mississippi Department of Education Office of Educator Licensure

Please go to the MDE Division of Educator Licensure website to apply for your educator license or add-on teaching endorsements. The most up-to-date licensure requirements, including PRAXIS score information, may be found on this site.


Notice Regarding Licensure
Requirements governing licensure in the state of Mississippi are continually revised.  As a result, requirements for degrees leading to licensure are subject to change from those published in the MUW Bulletin.  Students are advised to be in close communication with their education advisors to ensure that both degree requirements and licensure requirements are met.  Also, students seeking licensure in other states should contact the Department of Education in that state for their license requirements.


Institutional Verification of Program (IVP) Requests

If you have completed an undergraduate or graduate pathway to an add-on endorsement to a standard educator license or an alternate route pathway  via the MAT program through this institution, the Mississippi University for Women Office of Field Experiences Licensure Officer is required to submit an Institutional Verification of Program (IVP) to the Mississippi Department of Education prior to you submitting your application to add the endorsement or application for the MAT educator license. To initiate this process, please complete the IVP form and submit. For additional information about this process, please contact the Office of Field Experiences at 662-241-6415.

NOTE:  Please select the option to “Open With Different Viewer” and then select “Open with Adobe Acrobat (default)” if the document does not open immediately.

Please allow approximately 7 business days for this process to be completed. Once The W has completed the IVP process, you will receive an email with further instructions to complete the educator licensure process.


*Updated September 2019 - DEO