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The Department of Legal Studies offers both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies as well as a minor in Legal Studies.

Bachelor of Arts Requirements (from the Undergraduate Bulletin):
Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree must include the following courses (or demonstrate equivalent competency) in their academic program:

Foreign Language 101-102 8 semester hours
Foreign Language 201-202 6 semester hours

To fulfill the language requirement for the B.A., students must complete the 202 level or above in a foreign language. For information on foreign language placement, see the Department of Languages, Literature, and Philosophy section in this Bulletin. If, upon entering the University, a student already has sufficient background to be successful in 201-202, he/she does not need to enroll in 101-102. The requirement is in essence six hours credit at the 200-level or above.

While a minimum of 124 hours is required for graduation under this curriculum, some programs may stipulate additional credit hours beyond the minimum.

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Bachelor of Science Requirements (from the Undergraduate Bulletin):
Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree must complete the following courses in their academic program:

8 semester hours of Laboratory Science
3 semester hours of Mathematics MA 113 or higher (excluding MA 123)
6 semester hours of Science and/or Mathematics
3 semester hours of additional mathematics above MA 113 or computer applications/programming course

A total of 20 hours is required, and students may not double count credit hours in the above categories.

A minimum of 124 semester hours is necessary for graduation under this curriculum; however, some programs may require additional hours beyond the minimum.

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Legal Studies Minor

The Legal Studies minor is available to student majoring in any discipline.  The minor would be particularly beneficial to students majoring in fields closely related or impacted by law such as business, political science, nursing, and communications.  Further, it provides a legal foundation for those intending to go to law school.  However, the Legal Studies minor is not approved by the American Bar Association and is not intended to prepare students as paralegals.

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