COLUMBUS, Miss. – Four Mississippi University for Women students will compete at the state level  to share their idea of how to solve the state’s most pressing problems and help reach goals established by Blueprint Mississippi.


The team’s idea is to create a non-profit organization to market and promote the availability of Telehealth, which uses electronic information and telecommunications to support long-distance clinical health care.

Team members include Elissa Troise-Greco, chair; Mariam Guede, co-chair; Asmita Ghimire;  and Hanson Ndongnyam.

Thomas Haffey, faculty adviser and marketing instructor at The W, said, “We are proud of these students taking an interest in how they can use their education to potentially help benefit others. I think this challenge as a whole is getting students to think a little deeper about the impact their business training and future career can have in the community and state in which they choose to live and work.

In 2012, Blueprint Mississippi, an independent cooperative of organizations and leaders conducted an objective review of Mississippi’s economic opportunities and recommended actions for putting Mississippi in the place of greatest opportunity, identified nine goals to enable a more prosperous, vibrant, and resilient Mississippi, built upon a foundation of economic opportunity for all its citizens.

The nine Blueprint Mississippi goals include:
1.    Increase the Educational Achievement of Mississippians
2.    Cultivate a More Robust Workforce in Mississippi
3.    Strengthen and Expand Mississippi’s Economy
4.    Promote Health Care as an Economic Driver
5.    Support Mississippi’s Creative Economy
6.    Continually Develop the Infrastructure for a Competitive Economy
7.    Increase Availability of Financial Capital
8.    Cultivate Diversity, Community Cooperation and Racial Reconciliation
9.    Improve Communication and Coordination Among Public, Private and Non-profit Leaders

The goals of the Blueprint Mississippi Social Business Challenge, sponsored by the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning, are to encourage students to develop ideas for solving Mississippi’s most pressing problems, while learning important lessons about planning, teamwork and presenting ideas.

Haffey  said, “The Social Business Challenge has allowed our students to look beyond the traditional model of a business plan competition. While the financial marketability is of course important, what sets this challenge apart is the focus on social and economic issues that are impacting our state.”
Dr. Scott Tollison, dean of the College of Business and Professional Studies at The W, added, “ I am very proud of our students participating in the Blueprint Mississippi Social Business Challenge. They have created a great plan that will have a positive impact on the health and well-being of Mississippians through improved knowledge of telemedicine opportunities."

The state competition will be held in Jackson in March, where The W’s team will compete with the winning teams from the other public universities in Mississippi.

Dec. 12, 2014
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