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Required Courses - M.A. Women's Leadership

Required Women's Studies courses
15 hours

WS 500 and WS 501 must be taken concurrently as gateway courses.

WS 500 - Leadership Inquiries, Research and Methodology (3) is a course in best practices in research and methods in applied women’s leadership.

WS 501(cross-listed as ED 501) Leadership Principles and Change Theory – This course will provide the foundations of leadership theory as it applies particularly to learning, management and collaboration. It will also address several change theories, including assumptions about the nature of change in large and small organizations. The course will help students develop a research prospectus through the lens of leadership theory and to learn how change can be encouraged and facilitated in a variety of professional group settings.

WS 502 Seminar in Women’s Issues (3 hours) is a special topics class in women’s issues which may be taught by graduate qualified faculty in any of MUW’s programs. Students may take this course twice. If it is repeated, the second course may be counted as a multidisciplinary elective (see below). WS 502 will be offered every fall and spring and may be cross-listed with other disciplines. These seminars will cover a broad variety of topics focusing on women’s issues in a) Family dynamics, b) Social change, c) Individual, collective and communal identities, d) Communications and technology, e) Media and culture, f) Labor relations, g) International relations h) Religion and spirituality, i) Women’s autobiography, j) Global economies, k) Management, l) Fine Arts, m) History, n) Science, and o) Public Policy.

WS 510 Practicum/Field Experience in Women’s Leadership (3 hours)

WS 512 Capstone Project Report/Thesis (6 hours required)


Cross-disciplinary Required Courses
6 hours

HKH 525 Gender Issues in Health (3) OR
NU 517 Women’s Issues (3) OR
MGT 510 Cross Cultural Management (3) (pre-requisite: undergraduate management course)
AND One Elective in Educational Leadership graduate course by permission of the Dean of Education (3)


Cross-disciplinary Electives
9 hours, including 6 hours in educational leadership AND 3 hours in one other area

Elective courses require a research project or research paper which specifically addresses issues and policies affecting women and/or girls. The instructor will work with the student in selecting an appropriate topic or project.

ED 502 Special Problems (3)
ED 516 Understanding Gifted Populations (3)
ED 538 Understanding Individual Learning Differences (3)
ANY Educational Leadership graduate course, by permission of the Dean of the College of Education (3)
HKH 510 – Theories of Health Behavior (3)
PLG 560 International Business Law (3)
WS 502 – Seminar in Women’s issues (3) (In addition to first section of WS 502 listed in required courses. Second course must not duplicate or significantly overlap any other multidisciplinary area)

Total Program = 33 hours