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Spanish with Secondary Education Certification

General Education Curriculum (39-40 Semester Hours)

See General Education Curriculum Requirements

BA Degree Requirements:

Foreign Language (one area - minimum of 6 hours at the 200-level or above)

Major Requirements:

FLS 201 - Spanish III
FLS 202 - Spanish IV 

Select three from the following: (9 semester hours)

FLS 251 - Conversation and Composition I
FLS 252 - Conversation and Composition II
FLS 301 - Advanced Conversation and Syntax I
FLS 302 - Advanced Conversation and Syntax II 

Select two of the following: (6 semester hours):

Any Spanish Literature
Any Spanish American Literature

Select three additional courses in Spanish and/or French (above the 102 level) (9 semester hours)

Other Requirements: (grade of C or higher required)

COM 101 - Oral Communication
MA 113 - College Algebra or above, excluding MA 123 (grade of C or higher required)
PSY 206 - Human Growth and Development
PSY 360 - Educational Psychology

Computer Course (3 semester hours)

Professional Education Requirements:
(grade of C or higher required)

ED 300 - Education as a Profession
ED 302 - Art and Science of Teaching
ED 306 - Introduction to Exceptional Learners
ED 401 - Teacher Internship Seminar: Classroom Management
ED 407 - Observation and Directed Teaching Grades K-12
FL 410 - Methods and Materials in Secondary Language

Total Hours Required for a BA in Spanish with Teacher Certification: 124 Semester Hours