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Spanish Major Requirements: (grade of C or better required)

FLS 251 - Conversation and Composition I

FLS 252 - Conversation and Composition II

FLS 301 - Advanced Grammar (It is strongly encouraged that students take FLS 301 concurrently with FLS 251) 

Select one from the following courses (3 semester hours):

  • FLS 305 - Civilizations and Cultures of Spain
  • FLS 306 - Civilizations and Cultures of Latin America

Required sequence (6 semester hours)

  • FLS 311 - Survey of Spanish Literature I
  • FLS 312 - Survey of Spanish Literature II

Study abroad in Spanish-speaking country (6 semester hours)

Students are able to fulfill the Study Abroad requirement through the MUW/University of Alicante tuition exchange program (semester or year), a program led by a MUW faculty member or another approved program. Prior to enrolling in a program, students and faculty will discuss coursework, program costs, travel expenses, room and board and other related expenses.

Students who are unable to travel abroad may complete the requirement locally. A student who chooses this option must provide an explanation to the Spanish faculty as to the reason they cannot travel abroad. Approval will only be given to students experiencing a valid hardship that would prevent them from studying abroad. Once approved, the student can fulfill their required 6 study abroad credits with FLS 390 Spanish Service-Learning Internship and one additional advanced Spanish course, FLS 305 or higher.

Select 2 elective courses at or above FLS 201 (6 credit hours)

Total Hours Required for a BA in Spanish: 124 Semester Hours

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