Dear HPG students:

First, I hope that you and your loved ones are surviving these difficult times.  The HPG faculty are thinking of you and wishing you well as we work through our fall plans. 

Right now, we are adjusting our fall schedule and hope to have a finalized version available by the first of August.  We are still planning to hold some version of face-to-face classes at this point, but are waiting for the university task force to provide us policies and procedures for what that might look like.  Regardless of our plan, everything is contingent on the current status of the virus and our area; our plan will be revised as needed throughout the semester. 

Here are few helpful things to keep in mind as we think through the fall (which are largely taken from Dr. Dunkelberg’s letter to LLP students):

  1. Any student who is unable to return to campus will be able to take online classes, including participating in face-to-face classes remotely. Even if you are on campus in the beginning of the semester and then need to move off campus and participate remotely, this should be possible. Your faculty are working hard to retool their classes and make it possible to meet your needs wherever you are, though we, like many of you, look forward to seeing each other on campus in August!
  2. Please feel free to contact me with your questions or to contact me or your regular advisor for advising. If you are a new student and would like additional advising or to talk to someone in the department, please contact me as well.
  3. We are still planning for some face to face classes in fall; however, most face to face classes will be hybrid — you may not come to class every day, so we can limit the number of students in a room at one time. We plan to have that updated by early August.
  4. We hope you have all seen the recent announcement about the changes to the Fall 2020 Academic Calendar. Classes will be starting on August 17 and the semester will end by Thanksgiving.
  5. If you do meet for face to face classes this fall, be ready to physically distance, wear a mask, and wipe down your desk frequently.  There will be lots of new protocols to follow to help keep us all safe.

HPG faculty look forward to seeing you again this fall (even if that is via Zoom).  Please stay safe and healthy, and know that your W family cares about you and wants to see you in whatever modality you can manage. We will do everything we can to make it as rewarding and as safe of an experience as we can.

Best wishes,
Dr. Erin Kempker
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.