Advising for Political Science Majors

BA Requirements        Plans of Study

Politics majors should choose the plan of study most appropriate to their situation and use it as a general guide to completing the degree requirements for a BA in political science. Individual students will have different needs (given different interests, combinations of majors and minors, year of entry to the program, transferred credit, etc.), so each student will work with their faculty advisor in order to adapt these model plans to their specific needs. As you think through how to tailor the program to your needs and ambitions, you will find it helpful to refer back to the course rotation listed at the bottom of this page. The rotation helps you plan your future by telling you what POl courses we plan to offer each semester for the next four years.

BA Requirements

Politics Courses (36 hours)

  • POL101    The Study & Practice of Politics
  • POL150    American Government
  • POL202   Affecting Political Change
  • POL250   World Politics
  • POL390    Southern Politics
  • POL490   Internship
  • 18 credit hours of elective POL courses (3 of which may be additional POL490 hours)

Foreign Language Courses (6-14 hours)

W Politics majors must acheive intermediate communication skills in a foreign language, meaning they must earn a C or better in two FLS courses at the 200 level. For those who have not mastered the elementary levels of their chosen foreign language, this will mean they must take the 101 and 102 courses before completing the requirement.  Each of these courses requires a lab, which puts them at 4 credit hours each.  Students are strongly encouraged to begin work on the foreign language courses in their first semester.  

General Education Courses (35-38 hours)

Introduction to College Life (0-3 hours)

  • UN101 - required only of incoming Freshmen

Written & Oral Communication (9 hours with a C or better) 

  • EN101 - English Composition I 
  • EN102 - English Composition II 
  • COM101 - Oral Communication

Quantifying Skills (3 hours)

  • MA113 - College Algebra
  • OR higher MA, excluding MA123

Critical Thinking Skills (3 hours)

  • any non-religion PHL
  • pre-law students are encouraged to take PHL204 - Logic

Social Sciences (3 hours - fulfilled by POL101)

Natural Sciences (8 hours from any of the following)

  • BSB101 & 102 - General Biology I & II w/ Labs
  • BSB141 & 142 - Anatomy & Physiology I & II
  • BSM131+L - General Microbiology w/ Lab
  • SM101 & 102 - Environmental Science I & II
  • PSC111 & 112 - General Chemistry I & II w/ Labs
  • PSP211 & 212 - General Physics I & II
  • PSP213 & 214 - General Physics w/ Calculus I & II

Humanities & Fine Arts (1 HIS, 1 LIT, 1 FA, +1 more of the following (we recommend HIS) = 12 hours)

  • HIS101 & 102 - World Civilizations I & II
  • HIS109 & 110 - US History I & II
  • EN201 & 202 - Early & Late English Literature
  • EN203 & 204 - Early & Late American Literature
  • EN231 - Early World Literature
  • ART102 - Art Appreciation
  • ART211 & 212 - Art History I & II
  • MUS100 - Music Appreciation
  • MUS105 - Introduction to Music Literacy
  • TH457 & 458 - History of the Theatre I & II

Plans of Study

Four Year Degree Plan for Incoming Freshmen

 Semester          Major Req.                        BA Req.

Fall 2017                    POL101                                        UN101, EN101, FLS101, COM101, MA*** 

Sp 2018                      POL150, POL2/3**                      EN102, FLS102, Critical Thinking (PHL***)

Fall 2018                   POL202, POL250                      FLS201, HIS101/109, Natural Science I

Sp 2019                      POL2/3**, POL2/3**                  FLS202, HIS102/110, Natural Science II

Fall 2019                   POL3**, POL3** +290Lab          Literature (EN***), +2 Electives

Sp 2020                    POL390 +290Lab                     Fine Art (ART***/MUS***/TH***), +3 Electives

Fall 2020                   POL490 or POL4**                +4 Electives

Sp 2021                       POL490                                    +4 Electives


Two Year Degree Plan for Community College Transfers 

Semester       Major Req.                                  BA Req.

Fall 2017         POL101, POL3** +290Lab                       FLS101,  Critical Thinking (PHL***)

Sp 2018            POL203, POL3**, POL3**+290Lab     FLS102, Literature (EN***)

Fall 2018         POL202, POL250, POL490 or 4**         FLS201, +Gen Ed or Elective

Sp 2019            POL390, POL3**, POL490                       FLS202, +Gen Ed or Elective


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