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Students of Politics study with broader purpose.  Here at the W, we develop skills too often left out of traditional political science programs: skills that allow our students to carry their knowledge out of the classroom, take action, and solve problems.  Politics majors at the W understand the major players, processes, and uses of power; they also know how to make an impact.

The Discipline            Our Program          What You'll Gain

AntiSlaveryMeetingOnTheCommonThe discipline of Political Science, or Politics, is one of the oldest taught in the United States. Why? Because early Americans were striving to create a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. If American democracy was going to work, they reasoned, it would require citizens to develop civic virtues (tolerance, civil deliberation, etc.) and become well-versed in the mechanics of government action. There is no less need for this training today.

That's why our  B.A. degree in political science is specifically designed to equip students for democratic engagement and leadership in addition to scientific analysis. Majors take two methods courses:  a traditional course covering the scientific analysis of social problems, the other honing their skills in local government and community organizing; in both, students apply what they learn to real problems. Courses are issue-focused, encouraging students to address the critical questions of our time, with a focus on active citizenship, local-to-global politics, and democratization, especially in the case of the American South. Many can be paired with a one-hour "lab," freeing individual students to earn additional credit hours whenever they find an opportunity for field research, political activism, or internship work that is relevant to the course subject. Before graduating, each politics major also completes an internship, ensuring they gain experience working in a professional setting.

Ultimately, courses in the major groom students for careers in government, public service, and political advocacy, as well as prepare them for entrance to law school or graduate programs in political science, public affairs/administration, public policy, and related fields. For majorsminors, and students who simply pick up a few POL electives, our program offers the chance to sharpen critical thinking skills, refine oral and written communication abilities, develop talent for negotiating differences of opinion, and nurture the virtues of democratic citizenship.   

If you want to make a difference in the world, consider political science as your major at The W. 

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