Group Tours

Thank you for your interest in visiting The W. Group visits for students starting in the 9th grade and up are designed to meet the needs of groups of 15 to 60 guests.  The admissions office welcomes your group, however due to the popularity of group visit requests we may not be able to accommodate all group requests. Currently, group tours are offered on Mondays at 9am, 11am, 1pm, and 3pm.  Please read the following list of conditions and expectations before you submit the Group Visit Request Form:

The W Admissions Office offers two types of group visits:

Type A - 60 Minute Tour

Campus Tour Only (sixty minutes total) The walking tour of campus lasts approximately sixty minutes and is led by a current student.

The walking tour of campus may include entry into a classroom building, the recreation center and the student center.

Type B - 90 Minute Tour & Info Session

Admissions Presentation and Campus Tour (ninety minutes total)

When possible, a 30 minute admissions presentation conducted by an admissions officer or a student admissions officer. This presentation focuses on the University, the admissions process and requirements, and a brief question and answer period. Standard admissions literature is also distributed to students.

The walking campus tour immediately follows the presentation and lasts approximately sixty minutes and is led by a current student. The campus tour may include entry into a classroom building, the recreation center and student center.


All groups must be accompanied by at least one adult chaperone per fifteen visitors.

All chaperones must remain with the group at all times, including the entire campus tour.

Group chaperones, not the student tour guides, are responsible for the behavior of their students while they are guests on our campus. Tour guides have the authority to end a campus tour if student(s) behave inappropriately.

Group visits are available on Mondays. When choosing your arrival time, we ask that you plan accordingly so that you may arrive on time.

Arriving late (30 minutes or later) may cause your group to miss all or part of the presentation and/or your campus tour.   Group visits are contingent upon the availability of room space, admissions staff, and tour guides.

In order to be considered for a visit, please complete and return the following Group Visit Request Form two weeks before your desired date. No group visit request is considered unless a completed Group Visit Request Form is received. No visit request is ever guaranteed in advance and is only officially confirmed upon receipt of a written confirmation letter from the admissions office. If you wish to cancel your visit, after receiving a confirmation, you must contact Molly Coleman (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) in writing a week prior to your scheduled visit.

Because of other admissions staff commitments, semester break periods, holidays, and other admissions office events, there are certain time periods when group visits are not available.

Although we may suggest our dining facility for your group, payment for meals is at your own expense which is about $7.50 per person, if you plan to eat on campus please contact Sodexho Food Services at 662.329.7411.

On the day of your visit, please provide a cell phone number of the accompanying group leader so that we may contact him/her if necessary. Please submit a profile of your school or organization with the completed Group Visit Request Form. If your group fits within the above parameters and you agree to the conditions and expectations, please proceed and complete to the Group Visit Request Form below.