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Expand your university experience with a variety of study abroad opportunities.

Study abroad is life-changing and essential for the modern student. Study abroad creates global awareness, enhances academic learning, develops leadership skills, adds to personal growth, and can help students advance their careers.

Immerse yourself in language and culture at popular study abroad destinations such as England, France, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Scotland, and Japan.

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Explore Japan

W Student in Japan

“I feel like The W is very encouraging in getting students to try new things. By studying abroad, your understanding of the world is a lot less limited," Ashley Morgan spent 10 months studying Japanese and Japanese culture at Aichi Shukutoku University located near Nagoya, Japan.

“I spoke very little Japanese,” she explains. But everyone was helpful and encouraging.

In the future, Morgan hopes to return to Japan to teach English. “There is a lot of opportunity for teaching there, and with my study abroad experience, I now have more of a global market appeal.”