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BLUE Scholars 


Building Leadership, Understanding, & Excellence  

What is the BLUE Scholars program?

The BLUE Scholars program is a research-based learning community for in-coming freshman. 

  • In the fall, scholars share a block schedule that includes core college courses as well as robust academic supports such as Supplemental Instruction (SI), tutoring, Writing center, and Math lab,  and success seminars.
  • In the spring, scholars are offered the same type of robust supports but are given flexibility in their course selection allowing them to take core courses and courses for their major.
  • Scholars have opportunities for social interactions with fellow BLUE Scholars.


Who can participate?

  • In-coming freshmen who are identified as potential participants will be contacted by the Student Success Center.

Look for your letter in the mail!

How do I sign up to become a BLUE Scholar?

  1. Look for your letter in the mail. 
  2. Sign up for orientation. To sign up, click here.
  3. At Orientation, there is a session on the Student Success Center led by the director, Dr. David Brooking.  After attending the session, if you are interested, you will have the opportunity to sign the BLUE Scholars contract and make your fall schedule. 

What courses are in the fall schedule?

All BLUE Scholars will enroll in intermediate algebra, reading for college, learning skills, and introduction to college life.  Students will enroll in either English Composition I or basic writing depending upon the ACT sub-scores.

EN 100 Schedule

BLUEScholarsBWFallSeventeenThe schedule above is for the BLUE Scholars who enroll in Basic Writing,  which is determined by the student's ACT sub-score in English.

EN 101 Schedule

The schedule above is for the BLUE Scholars who enroll in English Composition I, which is determined by the student's ACT sub-score in English.

What courses are in the spring schedule?

In the spring semester, students are encouraged to enroll in

  • next sequential math course
  • next sequential English course
  • core classes
  • classes related to their major

**We have a GREAT new update for our BLUE Scholars!   BLUE Scholars who successfully complete LS 101, will not be required to take
LS 102 in the spring.  This opportunity will allow the students in enroll in more academic core courses or more courses in their major.  

In addition to these courses, students will participate in or utilize the resources in 

  • SI sessions 
  • Math Lab
  • Writing Center
  • Guided study sessions
  • Success Seminars
  • Fant Library and McDevitt computer lab study periods
  • Social, team building, and leadership activities

What is Year-Long Academic Support?

All students with two or more ACT subscores under a certain score are required by the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning to participate in a Year-Long Academic Support (YLAS) program.

MUW's Year-Long Academic Support program allows students take up to 15 hours per semester including a 2-hour YLAS course (LS 101 and LS 102) and 13 hours of required general core classes based on their ACT subscores.

To learn more about YLAS at MUW, click here

What's the difference in BLUE Scholars and Year-Long Academic Support (YLAS)?

The BLUE Scholars pilot program is a form of Year-Long Academic Support.

The course hours allowed and the core courses taken are the same.  The primary differences are (1) the robust support systems provided through the BLUE Scholars schedule and (2) the social interaction from team-building and leadership activities.

How do I get more information about BLUE Scholars? 

  • For more information, contact the coordinators of the BLUE Scholars.
JennyBox      ReneaBrandon
 Jenny Box   Renea Brandon
 Student Success Specialist    Student Success Navigator
 662.241.7471     662.329.7190
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To set up an appointment:
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BLUE Scholars literature

Looking for more information? 

  • To learn more about The W's courses, please click here.
  • To learn more about Intermediate Courses, please click here.

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