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How do I log into Canvas?

MUW Canvas Access via URL instructions

MUW Canvas Access via My Campus Portal (first time user) instructions

MUW Canvas Access via My Campus Portal (not first time user) instructions

What is my MUW E-mail address?
MUW MyApps

Where can I find my MUW ID and MUW Net ID?
"Look Up MUW ID and MUW Net ID" instructions


Login Password Issues

If you are having issues logging in, please follow the Canvas Student Initial Password Setup instructions.  These are the password guidelines:

  • Use at least eight characters (the more the better), but most people will find anything more than about 15 characters difficult to remember.
  • Use a random mixture of characters, upper and lower case, numbers, punctuation, spaces and symbols.
  • Don't use a word found in a dictionary, English or foreign.

Please note that this only applies to Canvas users that are having issues logging in.

How do I change my login password?

Changing Your Canvas Password (Once Logged In)

Is there a way to preview Canvas?

Yes.  All students are encouraged to take the Canvas Student Tour.  The Canvas Student Tour
is a self-paced course that contains a series of short videos designed to help students learn how
to use Canvas.
Canvas Student Tour


Canvas users (student and faculty) can get support 24 hours a day/7days a week!

Call 844-747-4606 or click "Help" to chat with a Canvas representative or to report a problem.

What are the minimum requirements for using Canvas?
Canvas Minimum Requirements

Is there a recommended browser?
Yes.  It is highly recommended that you use the latest version of Firefox while using Canvas.

Are there any Canvas student guides available?

Yes.  Here is a list of a few of the Canvas student guides that are available.

New Canvas UI (MUW specific)

        Access to Canvas via Canvas URL
        Access to Canvas via My Campus Portal (First Time User)
        Access to Canvas via My Campus Portal (Not for First Time Users)
        Locating Profile, Settings, Notifications, Files, and ePortfolios
        Locating the Canvas Logout Button
        Locating the Help Link

Most Relevant Videos for First Time Users

       Canvas Overview
Canvas Student Tour
       User Settings and Profile Picture
       Notification Preferences
       How to View Assignments
       How to Submit Assignments
       How to Check Grades      
       YouTube Initial Login Instructions (MUW Specific)

       YouTube Setting Up Your Channel (MUW Specific)
       YouTube Longer Videos (MUW Specific)
       YouTube iPhone Upload (MUW Specific)
       YouTube Android Upload (MUW Specific)
       YouTube MUW - Uploading a Video (MUW Specific)
       YouTube MUW YouTube Student - Share Unlisted Video
             Into Canvas (MUW Specific)

Canvas Student Guides

Assignments Overview (Students)
Assignment Submissions (Students)
Calendar (Students)
Canvas Overview (Students)
Chat (Students)
Collaborations (Students)
Communication (Students)
Discussions (Students)
ePortfolios (Students)
Files (Students)
Grades (Students)
Groups: Creation & Interaction (Students)
Notification Preferences
Peer Reviews (Students)
User Settings and Profile Picture
Quizzes (Students)
More Help Resources

Problems with your course 

It is very important that you read over your syllabus at the beginning of the course and familiarize yourself with the course expectations.  If you have any questions concerning your online or hybrid course, the first point of contact should always be your instructor.


Notification Preferences

Under Notification Preferences, avoid completely turning off notifications when possible.  Turning off notifications or setting weekly notifications for frequent assignments can result in missed assignments.