The following information is quoted from the email sent by the Mississippi Office of Student Financial Aid to students who have applied for state aid.

NEW Eligibility Requirement:
Beginning with the Fall 2016 term, undergraduate students must enroll in and complete 15 credit hours per semester (10 per trimester) to maintain eligibility for state aid for programs that require full-time enrollment. Undergraduate state aid programs that require full-time enrollment are:

  • Higher Education Legislative Plan for Needy Students Scholarship (HELP)
  • Mississippi Resident Tuition Assistance Grant (MTAG)
  • Mississippi Eminent Scholars Grant (MESG)
  • Law Enforcement Officers and Firemen Scholarship (LAW)
  • Teacher Education Scholars Forgivable Loan (TES)
  • William Winter Teacher and Alternate Route Teacher Forgivable Loan (WWTS/WWAR)
  • Health Care Professions Undergraduate Forgivable Loan (HCP-UG)

More information is available here:

These changes do not affect federal aid or institutional aid. If you are a student who is eligible for any state financial aid programs, you will need to enroll in and complete 15 credit hours per semester to receive state (Mississippi) student financial aid.

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