Developing U: Conversations in Leadership

Leadership Series

Developing U: Conversations in Leadership

A series of leadership workshops, “Developing U: Conversations in Leadership,”has been planned for the 2016-2017 academic year. 

These workshops are designed to familiarize the participants with different aspects of leadership and how to use that information to inform our work as leaders. This year's sessions are focused on a variety of perspectives ranging from health, policy, interfaith, and more.  Each workshop will last for 45 minutes and include a light meal.  Every workshop is open to students, faculty and staff. 


Fall 2016 Sessions

Wednesday, September 21
Leadership and the College Presidency: How to Safely Ford Rivers and Streams
Dr. Jim Borsig
Shattuck Hall Gallery, 1st Floor

Join Dr. Borsig as he chronicles his experience as a university president and how leadership is important in the face of the many challenges that arise in the world of higher education.

Wednesday, October 12
Emotionalism and Leadership
Dr. Kimberly Dorsey
Shattuck Hall Gallery, 1st Floor

While it may never be mentioned in job descriptions, the role of any leader has an emotional labor component. Dr. Dorsey will be discussing the importance of emotion management in successful leadership and the possible woes associated with the emotional labor component of a leader's job.


Spring 2017 Sessions

Wednesday, February 8
Leadership in Intercollegiate Athletics
Jason Trufant
Pope Banquet Rooms

Leadership in Intercollegiate Athletics is a complex and evolving discipline with the primary focus centered around the student-athlete experience.  Administrators, coaches and staff are tasked with developing unique and impactful methods of communication to guide the student-athletes and colleagues down the path to success on and off the field.


Wednesday, March 8
Leadership and Diversity: Why Asking Difficult Questions about the Past is Good for the Present and the Future 
Dr. Erin Kempker
Pope Banquet Rooms

This session will introduce how students and faculty who engage in historical inquiry answer questions that they have about the past. They "tell the story" of a significant aspect of local history and, in so doing, develop important skills and knowledge that help them gain "real world" experience and expertise. The difficult question these students asked was "Who desegregated MUW and what was their story?" The answer was not an easy one, and didn't always make them comfortable, but it was important for the development of the university community and themselves.


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