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The W Leadership Program


The W Leadership Program at MUW is a rich and academically challenging leadership program. The program teaches students the commitment, knowledge, and values that will enable them to blaze new trails in their chosen paths. The program prepares students to become tomorrow's leaders by focusing on scholarship, leadership development, and community service. Leadership skills are developed through monthly events that highlight components of leadership. Lastly, leadership students participate in numerous community service projects that qualify our leaders to positively impact the workplace and the world around them.


Our Leaders

Our leaders are represented in almost every student organization on campus, and returning students in the program has the opportunity to apply to serve on the Leadership Council, which plans and organizes all of our events and activities. We are proud to announce our 2017-18 Leadership Council: Alexis Brown, Carol Ann Gibbs, Garima Shresta, Hallie Cole, Kaylyn Bolton, Lexi Fowler, Lexy Jones, Shelby Dickerson, Taylor Greer, and Tommy Kennedy.