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SmarterProctoring® is a database of virtual proctoring solutions, testing centers, and individuals that are available to proctor exams. Through LMS integration, Institutions and Instructors are able to identify to their students what proctoring solutions are acceptable for their exams. Students are then able to schedule their exam with these acceptable proctoring solutions all within their LMS. SmarterProctoring is a complete proctoring solution that includes integrated workflows, messaging, scheduling, and proctor approvals.


SmarterProctoring Instructor Handouts

For the latest updates, check the SmarterProctoring Support Center

Setting Up an Online Exam

Setting Up a Pen & Paper Exam

Submitting Change Requests for a Locked Exam

Setting Up an Accomodation (e.g. ADA compliance)

Viewing Exam Session Details (i.e. viewing individual students' proctoring choices)

Adding an Ad-Hoc Proctor 

Deleting Duplicate Exams in the Instructor Dashboard:

At this time there is no way to delete a duplicate exam in the instructor's dashboard. If you accidentally make a duplicate entry, choose one and edit it to make sure that the scheduling window is closed and to change the name of the exam to indiciate to students that it is an error and that they should not try to register for this particular exam. The software developers are working on a better solution for this issue.


Other Resources 

SmarterProctoring FAQ

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