Ready for the Readiness Standards in Mathematics (CCRS-M) Summer Institute

MathematicsJune 1-June 28, 2017
Follow up dates are September 30, 2017, and February 24, 2017

A professional development workshop hosted by Mississippi University for Women and funded by The Improving Teacher Quality Grant Program (Federal NCLB grant) and administered by Mississippi Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL)



Why should you participate in CCRS-M?

Students today are digital natives. They prefer collaboration in class and online; the desire to learn on the fly, accessing answers to questions as their curiosity dictates and they enjoy active and challenging learning experiences.

Mississippi’s College & Career Readiness Standards for Mathematics address the needs of today’s students. They also emphasize the 21st century skills that students will need to compete for jobs in our global society. These include:

  • critical and creative thinking skills
  • communication
  • collaboration
  • meaningful technology use

The overall goal of the Summer Institute is to assist middle school mathematics teachers in developing technology-rich instructional modules, strategies and standards-based lesson plans that are aligned with Mississippi’s College & Career Readiness Standards for Mathematics.

Become a leader in creating 21st century educational environments!


Who will participate?

  • Twenty middle school mathematics teachers from the local area will participate.
  • Participants are being recruited from the Columbus, Lowndes County, Louisville, Noxubee, and West Point School Districts.
  • The instructors for the institute will include professors from MUW’s College of Arts, Sciences, & Education, as well as MUW’s Instruction Technologist.


Lessons Plans

I use place value… What’s your super power?- Dorrethea Robinson

Generalize Place Value Understanding for Multi-Digit Whole Numbers - Myra Brown

One-Step Equations Using Addition or Subtraction - Roulette Hosey

Fractions, Decimals, and Whole Numbers - Kendra Cockrell

Division of Fractions - Andrew Aspacio

Midpoint and Distance in a Coordinate Plane - Rosie Bridges

Simplifying Algebraic Expressions - Kimberly McKinney

Justifying Functions and Slopes - Elroy Skinner

Interviewing and Employable Skills - Glenn Draper

Don't Be Mean - Kimberly Cook

Addition and Subtraction of Rational Numbers - Mike Nethery

Solving Multistep Linear Equations - Cheryl Doss

Balance Beam Handout

Solving Multistep Equations Assignment Sheet

Candy Equations Handout

Solving Multistep Equations Do Now

Solving Equations Exit Card

Solving Multistep Equations

Performance Task: Writing for a Website



Introduction to Exponents - Missy Arnett

Locating Points on a Coordinate Plane - Linda Roberts

A Chat with Ms. Crabtree - Cheryl Bowens

Fun with Cardinality! - Nicchi Stovall

Can You Identify The Shapes? - Latasha Jones

Measurements/Conversions - Edith Stallings

Interpreting Different Representations of the Same Information - Rosalyn Miller

Ratios, Rates, Proportions and Unit Rates - Retchell Marcial