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MFA in Creative Writing

Program Costs

The following estimates are based on 2016-17 tuition rates. For the most current fees, see the Tuition and Fees page.

Tuition and Fees

Annual tuition will depend on the number of courses taken.
Full-time in graduate school is typically 9-13 hours (9-10 unless you can devote all your time to school).
If you attend part-time (1-8 hours per semester), then you pay tuition based on the number of hours.

The total cost of tuition, spread over 2-3 years should range between $13,390.50 and $18,996.00 at the tuition rates for 2016-17, depending on whether you are mostly part-time or full-time. If you are part-time, it may take more than 3 years to complete the program, but your total cost of tuition will still be about $18,996.00. By taking more than 9 hours per semester, you can save some, since the tuition is the same for 9-13 hours. The lowest tuition would be for 3 semesters of 13 hours and 9 additional part-time/summer hours, though this may not be possible for every student. These fees include the $25 per credit hour fee for online courses. This fee does not apply to your thesis, residencies, or internship credits, since they are not considered online courses.

We are able to waive of out-of-state fees for students in the program, so all students pay the same tuition regardless of their state of residence. This is equivalent to a $5,284.50 scholarship every semester for full-time non-Mississippi students, or $587.17 per credit hour for part-time students, or about $28,000 for your degree program.

There will be additional fees for Full and Short Residencies to cover room, board, supplies, and travel (if the residency involves a trip, which will always be optional). For on-campus residencies, we plan to house students on campus or at Plymouth Bluff Center or in dormitories, depending on availability. Room and board for the short residency at Plymouth Bluff will be approximately $400 and room and board for the full residency on campus will be approximately $365 (in a private dorm room). The summer short residency will also be housed in the dorms when on campus, bringing the cost down to approximately $200. The total for room fees for 2 full and 2 short residencies is estimated at $1400. Some residencies may involve an activity such as pottery or book printing with an additional fee for supplies. We will always try to keep costs as low as possible and bill you only for room, board, travel expenses (if there's a trip), and supplies.

Travel for residencies that include a trip will be determined in advance of each trip and will include room and some of your board. These will be optional short residencies. Each year there will be the option to come to at least one short residency on campus, so you should never have to take one that involves a trip. Travel to residencies is your responsibility, so do factor that into your estimated costs.

Total cost of the program is estimated to be:

Tuition & online fees:


Room and board  for residencies:



 $14,790.50 - $20,396.00 

Disclaimer: The amounts listed above are an estimate. Actual fees may vary over time as tution and fee amounts change each year (typically this has been no more than a 5% increase per year, and some years we have had no increase). The number of full-time and part-time hours in your program also make a difference. Students may take additional residency classes as electives, in which case the room and board costs would be higher.