Progression through the Undergraduate Educator Preparation Program

Students Record of Progression through the Undergraduate Education Program


1. Admission to University                  

All paperwork concerning admission to MUW can be secured from and returned to the Office of Admissions (telephone: 329-7106).

Date of Admission to MUW                                                                                               


2. Declaration of a Major in Teacher Education

Elementary Education major students report to the Office of the Dean in the College of Education and Human Sciences for assignment of an advisor. 

Other majors should report to content area department in the College of Arts and Sciences for an academic advisor.

Advisor’s Name

                                                           Phone/Email                                                 Office                       

3. Core Classes

Students should meet with his or her academic advisor each semester during the designated pre-registration time to plan coursework for future semesters. See the current MUW Academic Calendar for dates.


4. Admission to Teacher Education

Admission to Teacher Education is initiated in ED 300: Education as a Profession. This step usually occurs during the sophomore year or first semester of the junior year.
Date of Admission to Teacher Education                                                                          


Teacher Education Admissions Checklist

Date Completed

Application for Admission to Teacher Education


Curriculum Check Sheet


Notification of Criminal Background Checks


Teacher Education Briefing Form


Professional Dispositions Statement of Commitment


Teacher Candidate Licensure Advisory Form


Criminal Background Check


TaskStream Registration


Minimum Grade of “C” in ED 300


Completion of 44 semester hours*


Minimum Overall GPA of 2.75


Passing Scores on Praxis CORE or ACT or SAT



Praxis CORE Scores

Tested Areas


Date Taken











Praxis scores must be no more than 5 years old at time of initial admission
Minimum ACT composite score of 21 with no sub score below 18 or SAT score of 860 at time of admission to college.  ACT or SAT option is not applicable for Speech Pathology majors.Candidates from Alabama should be aware that the ACT or SAT may be used for progression through the MUW Teacher Education Program but Praxis I is required for Alabama licensure.

ACT Scores



Social Studies

N. Science


SAT Scores



Composite Equivalent of 860

* The 44 hours will not include Physical Education or UN-labeled courses.  In Music Education, MUS 301-302 History of Music from the major courses may be counted.  In Art Education, ART 211-212 Art History Survey may be counted.


NOTE: If a secondary or K-12 major has completed 50% or more of the endorsement area courses at an institution other than MUW, a satisfactory score on the student’s Specialty Area Test of the Praxis II must also be submitted before the student will be admitted to Teacher Education. 

Praxis Specialty Score**


Date Completed


   **Specialty scores vary; see Praxis section of this handbook on page 25.

For students returning for a second degree (already have a B.S. or B.A.), their undergraduate core will satisfy the core requirement for Teacher Education.  However, these students must still satisfy the following education requirements: MA 113 College Algebra, EN 101 English Composition, EN 300 Advanced Composition, COM 101 Oral Communications, MA 111 Modern Elementary Math I, and MA 112 Modern Elementary Math II ( MA 111-112 applies to Elementary Education majors only). Additionally, if a course is required for teacher education and was not a part of the individual’s first degree, the course/courses must be taken here at MUW.


5. Admission to Teacher Internship

Following admission to Teacher Education, a candidate must complete a minimum of one semester of coursework before being admitted to Teacher Internship.  Materials for application to intern will be distributed at a required Teacher Internship orientation seminar at the beginning of each semester.  Candidates seeking admission to Teacher Internship must submit documentation of the following to the Office of Field Experiences, EDHS 306, Education and Human Sciences Building.

Date of Admission to Teacher Internship                                                                             

Teacher Internship Admissions Checklist

Date Completed

Admission to Teacher Education (At least one semester prior to filing application for TI)


Completion of 84 Semester Hours (Must include all required professional education courses  except professional semester courses)


Application for Teacher Internship


Teaching Center Placement Preference Form


Ethics Statement and Insurance Verification/Release of Liability 


Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) Passing Score K-9 (160) 7-12 (157)


Praxis Specialty Area Passing Score (Scores vary)


Overall Minimum GPA of 2.75***


MUW Minimum GPA of 2.75***


75 Hours of Working with Children Documentation (Secondary and K-12 only)



Minimum Grade of “C” in the following courses:


Comp I


Comp II






All Professional
ED courses


All Endorsement
Area Courses


Elementary Majors ONLY:


Math 111


Math 112


Praxis Scores

Tested Areas


Your Score

Date Taken



K-9 (160)
7-12 (157)






Scores Vary______________



***GPA Evaluation:  Rounding to the nearest tenth is not permitted (i.e., a 2.47 GPA may not be rounded to meet the minimum requirement of 2.50.)

NOTE:If a student receives a D or F in an endorsement area course or professional education course and retakes the course to earn a C or above, only the second grade is used for figuring endorsement area or professional area GPA.


6. Admission to Candidacy for Graduation

Admission to Candidacy for Graduation Checklist


Residency Requirements (Minimum of 30 semester hours credit from MUW, excluding correspondence courses and advanced standing exams)


2.75 overall GPA __________
2.75 MUW GPA __________
2.75 GPA in major field _________credit hours in chosen curriculum


Completion of all courses required in chosen curriculum


1 semester hour credit in physical education


Application for degree filed with Registrar by the deadline date.



7.  Application for Teaching License

Application for Teaching License Checklist


Completion of all degree requirements and all Teacher Education program requirements


Minimum grade of “C” in Teacher Internship    


Satisfactory scores on Praxis I and II (Scores have been sent to MS Department of Education)


Transcript request to MS Department of Education (Degree date must show as conferred)


Submit online licensure application