Elementary Education - Entering Freshmen

Working in the field of education is one of the most rewarding professions!

The “Educator as Reflective Decision Maker” is the model for the conceptual framework for the educator preparation programs at The W.



Suggested Course of Study for Entering Freshmen

K-6 Licensure Requirements

For 7-12 Endorsement, see page 65 of the MDOE Licensure Guidelines K-12 booklet (.PDF) for Supplemental Endorsements Added with 21 Hours of Coursework in Subject

Freshman Year

First Semester

ED 297 Microcomputer Applications
EN 101 English Composition I
PSY 206 Human Growth & Dev.
PHL 201 (or other) Philosophy
UN 101 Intro to College Life (1hr)
HK or HK-Physical Ed Activity (1hr)

Total: 14 hrs

Second Semester

COM 101 Oral Communication
EN 102 English Composition II
Natural Science with Lab
College Algebra
Fine Art (History or Appreciation)

Total: 16 hrs

Sophomore Year

Third Semester

GEO 101 World Geography
Natural Science with Lab
MA 111 Modern Elem Math I

Total: 16 hrs

Fourth Semester

MA 112 Modern Elem Math II
Science with Lab
Social Science

Total: 16 hrs

Recommended completion of PRAXIS Core before or during first semester of junior year. Also, the following courses may be taken concurrently with Block 1 courses or MUW Core:

ED 300 Education as a Profession

ED 299 Special Topics

Junior Year

Fifth Semester
Elementary Education Block 1

ED 302 Art & Science of Tchg (10)
ED 351 Educational Measurement
ED 306 Intro to Exceptional Learners (10)
ED 304 Principles of Early Childhood (5)
PSY 360 Educational Psychology

*Recommended completion of PRAXIS II at the completion of this semester or during next semester.

Total: 15 hrs + 25 hrs field experience (indicated in bold)

Sixth Semester
Elementary Education Block 2

ED 361 Early Literacy Dev. I (5)
ED 362 Early Literacy Dev. II (5)
ED 365 Content Area Literacy (10)
ED 366 Reading Assessment & Intervention (10)

Total: 12 hr + 30 hrs field experience (indicated in bold)

Must be admitted to the Teacher Education program (TE) prior to Block 3. You must take and pass the Praxis II to be admitted to the TE program.

Senior Year

Seventh Semester
Elementary Education Methods Block 3

ED 305 M&M for tchg Math (20-25)
ED 310 M&M for tchg SS (20-25)
ED 312 M&M for tchg Science (20-25)
ED 334 M&M for tchg LA (20-25)
KIN 351 M&M for tchg PE/HE (5)
FPA 300 Fine Arts in Education

*Admission to Teacher Internship required before continuing.

Total: 18 hrs + 85-105 hrs field experience (indicated in bold)

Eighth Semester
Elementary Education Internship Block 4

ED 401 Classroom Management (10 days 9 am - 4 pm)
ED 406 Teacher Internship (560+)

Total: 12 hrs (9 credit hours for ED 406) + 560+ hrs field experience (indicated in bold)



K-6 Licensure

For K-6 Licensure (requiring 18 hours of Content in two areas), select two of the following concentrations:

Social Studies (ANT, GEO, HIS, POL, SOC, EC): One 3-credit course

English (EN): Two 3-credit courses

Science (BS, BSB, BSM, PS, PSC, SM): One 4-credit course

Math (MA; Recommended MA 114, 123, 318 or 319): Two 3-credit courses

Note: Take additional course for 7-8 (901 Licensure)