Suggested Course of Study for Entering Freshmen

Elementary Education (K-3 Licensure) - See below

Elementary Education (K-6 Licensure) - Click here for additional 18 hours and content requirements

For 7-12 Endorsement, see page 65 of the MDOE Licensure Guidelines K-12 booklet for Supplemental Endorsements Added with 21 Hours of Coursework in Subject



First Semester

ED 297 Microcomputer Applications
EN 101 English Composition I
PSY 206 Human Growth & Dev.
PHL 201 (or other) Philosophy
UN 101 Intro to College Life (1hr)
HK or HK-Physical Ed Activity (1hr)

Total: 14 hrs

Second Semester

COM 101 Oral Communication
EN 102 English Composition II
Natural Science with Lab
College Algebra
Fine Art (History or Appreciation)

Total: 16 hrs


First Semester

GEO 101 World Geography
Natural Science with Lab
MA 111 Modern Elem Math I

Total: 16 hrs

Second Semester

MA 112 Modern Elem Math II
Science with Lab                            Social Science

Total: 16 hrs


Recommended completion of PRAXIS Core before or during first semester of this year. Also, the following courses may be taken concurrently with Block 1 courses or MUW Core:

ED 300 Education as a Profession

ED 299 Special Topics

First Semester
Elementary Education Block 1
ED 302 Art & Science of Tchg (10)
ED 351 Educational Measurement
ED 306 Intro to Exceptional Learners (10)
ED 304 Principles of Early Childhood (5)
PSY 360 Educational Psychology

*Recommended completion of PRAXIS II at the completion of this semester or during next semester.

Total: 15 hrs + 25 hrs field experience (indicated in bold)

Second Semester
Elementary Education Block 2

ED 361 Early Literacy Dev. I (5)
ED 362 Early Literacy Dev. II (5)
ED 365 Content Area Literacy (10)
ED 366 Reading Assessment & Intervention (10)

Total: 12 hr + 30 hrs field experience (indicated in bold)

Must be admitted to TE prior to this block (Take Praxis II)


First Semester
Elementary Education Methods Block 3

ED 305 M&M for tchg Math (20-25)
ED 310 M&M for tchg SS (20-25)
ED 312 M&M for tchg Science (20-25)
ED 334 M&M for tchg LA (20-25)
KIN 351 M&M for tchg PE/HE (5)
FPA 300 Fine Arts in Education

*Admission to Teacher Internship required before continuing.

Total: 18 hrs + 85-105 hrs field experience (indicated in bold)

Second Semester
Elementary Education Internship Block 4

ED 401 Classroom Management (10 days 9 am - 4 pm)
ED 406 Teacher Internship (560+)

Total: 12 hrs (9 credit hours for ED 406) + 560+ hrs field experience (indicated in bold)

 For K-6 Licensure (requiring 18 hours of Content in two areas), select two of the following concentrations:

Social Studies (ANT, GEO, HIS, POL, SOC, EC): One 3-credit course

English (EN): Two 3-credit courses

Science (BS, BSB, BSM, PS, PSC, SM): One 4-credit course

Math (MA; Recommended MA 114, 123, 318 or 319): Two 3-credit courses

Note: Take additional course for 7-8 (901 Licensure)