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M.Ed. in Reading Literacy

We are so glad that you are interested in receiving certification in Reading Literacy either through our online certification only courses or through obtaining a Masters degree in Reading Literacy. The Reading Literacy degree is an excellent choice for any classroom teacher!

Those completing the degree learn to assess literacy needs and provide instructional interventions for the literacy needs of all students. They will know how to develop literacy growth in all students. Further, content teachers will be equipped with the necessary literacy development skills to help their students understand the content they teach. The Masters degree in Reading Literacy also prepares candidates to be Literacy Coaches. So if you are interested in becoming a teacher who knows how to help children read or better understand important content knowledge or if you aspire to be a Literacy Coach- This is the degree for you!

The Masters of Reading Literacy is Nationally Recognized by the International Literacy Association. It is a great honor for our program to be recognized nationally and indicates that we offer an excellent program that will help you excel in the area in which you teach.


This program is based on the International Literacy Association (ILA) standards.