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ReadingWe are so glad that you are interested in receiving certification in Reading Literacy either through our online certification only courses or through obtaining a Masters degree in Reading Literacy. This degree is an excellent choice for any classroom teacher!  Those completing the degree will know how to help struggling readers and how to continue to encourage growth in successful readers. Further, content teachers will be equipped with the necessary skills to help their students understand the content they are trying to teach.  This degree also trains candidates to be a Literacy Coach. So if you are interested in becoming a teacher who knows how to help children read or better understand important content knowledge or you aspire to be a Reading Coach- This is the degree for you!

The Masters of Reading Literacy is Nationally Recognized by the International Reading Associate. This is a great honor for our program and it indicates that we offer an excellent program that will help you excel in the area in which you teach.


What do our former students say?

My time in the MUW Master's of Reading Literacy was the best learning experience of my career. I learned so much, and when I graduated I knew that I was equipped to work with students and teachers in reading and literacy.

Hope DeVenney
New Hope High School Librarian


The Reading Literacy program was very beneficial!  I am a better middle school science teacher because of the knowledge and strategies learned in content area reading!  Because of the knowledge I learned from the RL program, I am able to successfully incorporate common core standards in my instruction. 

Tracy Davis
New Hope Middle School
7th and 8th Pre-AP Science


Receiving my Master’s degree in Reading Literacy meant so much to me. It has been the best professional development I've completed. My family is so proud that I am the first member of the "Long Blue Line". I originally started a Master’s in special ed, but that didn’t “feel right”; neither did the elementary ed program.  But when I attended that very first reading class at the W, I knew that I had found my niche.  As an inclusion special ed teacher, most of my students have difficulty reading on grade level. My teachers and classmates at the W helped me learn how to help my students become better readers.  My classes prepared me to not only help my students, but my colleagues as well.  The Master’s program in Reading Literacy was the best money and time I have spent in preparing to be the best teacher I could be!

 Joni H. McCulloch, NBC
Ackerman Elementary



This program is based on the International Reading Association (IRA) standards. Candidates who successfully complete this program will be competent in these standards.

Standard 1: Candidates understand the theoretical and evidence-based foundations of reading and writing processes and instruction.
Standard 2: Candidates use instructional approaches, materials, and an integrated, comprehensive, balanced curriculum to support student learning in reading and writing.
Standard 3: Candidates use a variety of assessment tools and practices to plan and evaluate effective reading and writing instruction.
Standard 4: Candidates create and engage their students in literacy practices that develop awareness, understanding, respect, and a valuing of differences in our society.
Standard 5: Candidates create a literate environment that fosters reading and writing by integrating foundational knowledge, instructional practices, approaches and methods, curriculum materials, and the appropriate use of assessments.
Standard 6: Candidates recognize the importance of, demonstrate, and facilitate professional learning and leadership as a career-long effort and responsibility.

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