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Bachelor of Art or Science in General Studies

The General Studies (G.S.) curriculum is designed by the student based upon his/her interest and career goals. 

All G.S. students must complete the general education (core) requirements and the requirements for the B.S. or B.A. degree.  The G.S. program consists of 36 credit-hours of coursework and GS 400 General Studies seminar.  Students select courses from 10 focus groups to complete the 36 credit-hour requirement.  The student may select from three focus groups of 12 hours each or two focus groups of 18 hours each.  Half of the courses in each focus group must be 300 - 400 (Jr.-Sr.) level.   Students must achieve a grad of C or better in all G.S. courses.

GS 400 is the capstone course for the program where students prepare for life after graduation.  Topics include career options, letters of application, interviews, and developing a placement file. G.S. Program worksheets can be reviewed below.