Online Learning


MUW Contact Information

     Academic Advising
     Reneau Hall
     Room 102B
     (662) 329-7138


     Eudora Welty Hall, Room 201
     Phone:  (877) 462-8439
     Phone:  (662) 329-7106

     Office of Graduate Studies

     Reneau Hall 121
     (662) 329-7110

     College of Arts & Sciences
     Painter Hall
     Room 111
     Phone:  (662) 329-7386

     College of Business &
          Legal Studies

     Reneau Hall
     Room 316
     Phone: (662) 329-7152

     College of Education &
          Human Sciences

     Education/Human Science Bldg
     Room 112
     Phone: (662) 329-7175

     College of Nursing &
 Phone: (662) 620-5380

     Information Technology

     McDevitt Hall
     Room 115
     Phone: (662) 329-7282


     Faculty Support


          Training and support for our online and hybrid instructors is provided in a number of ways.  During the
          summer and fall terms, the ITS Department offers the New Faculty Orientation Workshop for all of the
          new faculty members of MUW. The workshop covers such topics as logging into Blackboard, locating
          your courses, using the Emails and Messages features, exposure to university policies and procedures,
          and locating university training materials.

          The ITS Department also works along side the Center for Academic Excellence during each semester
          to offer various faculty specific Blackboard workshops. A list of upcoming workshops may be viewed by
          selecting the Blackboard Training link that is located on the left side of the screen. Once you are
          connected to the Blackboard Training Page, a list of workshop descriptions and previously taught
          workshops may be viewed.

          Listed below are self-help pdf files and videos that will show you how to do everything from requesting
          a transcript to using mobile devices in an online class.  If you have any questions, please don't
          hesistate to contact our ITS Department for further clarification. 

Common Questions      

          Questions concerning your course 

           If you have any questions concerning your course, please contact Richard Holden at (662) 329-7206
               or, Michael Richardson at (662) 329-7374 or, or Terry
               Cole at (662) 329-7287 or  They will all be more than happy to assist you.

          MUW Online contact information  

               Please review the Contact Information link on the left side of the screen for important links, phone
               numbers, and email addresses that may be helpful while you are teaching online courses.

          Course availability for students  
               Courses will automatically be made available to your students on the first day of class during each

          Course availability for instructors

               Courses are made available to instructors one month prior to the beginning of each term.

          Course shells  

               If your MUW course is listed in Banner and you are listed as the instructor, it will automatically appear
               in your Blackboard course list when the next snapshot is run.  Snapshots are typically run every hour
               during the first week of registration and once a day after the initial week.  If your MUW course does not
               appear in your course list, please contact the administrative assistant of your department.

               Request for a course shell:   If you are in need of a specially created course shell, please contact
               Michael Richardson at (662) 329-7374 or

     Self-Learning Resources   

NEW Global Navigation and My Blackboard (SP10)
My Blackboard Profile (SP10)

Blackboard Basics Videos

The New 2012 Theme
Logging into Blackboard 9.1
Changing Your Password
Viewing/Managing Your Course list
Managing Tasks

Working In The Course
Environment Videos

Assignments - Submitting Your Assignments
Blog – Creating a Blog Entry
Course Menu – Finding/Locating
Course to Course Navigation - (New for SP8)
Discussion Board - Creating a Post
Discussion Board – Creating a New Thread
Discussion Board – Organizing Posts
Discussion Board – Replying to a Thread
Discussion Board – Viewing Grades
Grades – Checking Your Grades
Select the Page Where Users Enter Your Course
Test – Taking a Test Online
Wiki Page – Creating and Editing
Your Course Environment

Faculty Manuals (PDF files)

Blackboard 9.1 Content User Manual
Blackboard 9.1 Instructor Manual

Creating Course Content (PDF)

Activity Folder - Adding an Activity Folder
Assignments - Getting Started with Assignments
Building a Test - Getting Started with
      Building a Test

Course Calendar - Adding a Course Calendar
Course Content - Getting Started with CC
Course Environment - Getting Started with CE
File Management/Compatibility
Grade Book - Export Grade Book in 2003
Grade Book - Export Grade Book in 2007
Grade Center - Getting Started with GC
Groups - Getting Started with Groups
New Tools to Consider in Blackboard 9.1
Online Tests - Prepare Students for Online Tests
Quick Reference Guide
SafeAssign - Instructor Guide
SafeAssign - Student Guide
Syllabus - Adding a Syllabus
Test - Building a Test
WebCT - Download File From WebCT
YouTube Video - Adding a YouTube video


Create a Wiki
Editing Wiki Pages
Viewing Wiki Page History
Grade a Wiki
Adding Rich Content to a Wiki
Linking Wiki Pages
Viewing a Wiki Page History

Announcements and Scheduling

Creating Announcements
Creating a Course Task
Creating a Course Contact
Sending Email
Sending Blackboard Messages

Managing Group Work

Creating a Group
Creating Group Sets
Getting Started with Groups

Web 2.0 Tools

14 Free Web 2.0 Tools
Advantages of including Web 2.0 Tools
     in blackboard

Grade Center

Getting Started with the Grade Center (New for SP8)
Customizing the Grade Center View

Getting Started with Needs Grading (New for SP8)
Creating Smart Views
Creating a Grade Rule
Viewing Grade Details
Anonymous Grading
Creating Grading Notes
Creating a Grade Center Report
Creating a Grading Rubric (New for SP6)
Associating a Rubric with a Gradable Item - (New for SP6)
Grading with Rubrics (New for SP6)
Grading Assessments Question by Question
Viewing and Downloading Grade History
Color Code the Grade Center
Working Offline with the Grade Center


Using SafeAssign (New)
Getting Started with Assignments (New for SP8)
Downloading Assignments
Clean Out Graded Assignment Files