Online Learning

MUW Contact Information

     Academic Advising
     Reneau Hall
     Room 102B
     (662) 329-7138


     Eudora Welty Hall, Room 201
     Phone:  (877) 462-8439
     Phone:  (662) 329-7106

     Office of Graduate Studies

     Reneau Hall 121
     (662) 329-7110

     College of Arts & Sciences
     Painter Hall
     Room 111
     Phone:  (662) 329-7386

     College of Business &
          Legal Studies

     Reneau Hall
     Room 316
     Phone: (662) 329-7152

     College of Education &
          Human Sciences

     Education/Human Science Bldg
     Room 112
     Phone: (662) 329-7175

     College of Nursing &
 Phone: (662) 620-5380

     Information Technology

     McDevitt Hall
     Room 115
     Phone: (662) 329-7282


Blackboard Basics

     Recommended Browser
     Supported Browsers & Operating Systems
     Instructor Assistance
     Logging into Blackboard (video)
     Logging into Blackboard (instructions)
     MUW Email Address
     Student Assistance
     Supported Browsers
     Student Registration in Blackboard Courses
     Naming Conventions (new)
Blackboard Tests

     Recommended Browsers

          Firefox (the lastest version) is the recommended browser to use with Blackboard 9.1

     Supported Browsers & Operating Systems
          Minimum requirements

          Windows 7, Vista, or XP
          Firefox 12 or higher

          OS X 10.5 or higher
          Safari 4.0 or higher
          Blackboard has a complete list of supported browsers and operating systems.

     Instructor Assistance

         The ITS department has a wide variety of resources that are available to our          online and hybrid instructors.  We have provided links to a list of self-learning          resouces on our Faculty Support page, and we offer workshops and technical
throughout the year.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact
         the ITS department at (662) 329-7282, or Dr. Richard Holden at 329-7206.

     Logging into Blackboard

        MUW Blackboard

        The MUW Blackboard website can be accessed at

        Student Login
Username: Your MUW ID number.
             Password: Your birth date in the form of MMDDYY.

     MUW Email Address

          If your email appears as "" in Blackboard, please visit McDevitt Hall           room 115 or call 329-7282. "" is a temporary MUW email address
          that appears in Blackboard until a real one is entered into Banner.   Once the
          information is changed in Banner, it will automatically changed in Blackboard.


          If your password is not working, please attempt to resolve this problem by first           viewing this video.  If you are in need of further assistance, please call 329-7282.

     Student Assistance

         The ITS department has a wide variety of resources that are available to our          online and hybrid students.  Self-learning resources are available on our Student          Support page, and we offer workshops and technical support throughout the year.  If          you have any questions or concerns, please contact the ITS department at (662)          329 - 7282.

     Student Registration in Blackboard Courses

          Students are loaded into Blackboard automatically after registering for a course.           During the initial registration period, the Blackboard instructors and users will be           updated every hour. After the initial registration period, the rosters and users will           be updated twice a day.

     Naming Conventions

          File Naming conventions for Blackboard 9.1

          1.  File names should not be longer than 32 characters including the file extension                (.doc)
          2.  File names may not include any special characters (ex: # @ $ % & * ,)
          3.  File names must include only letters, numbers, hyphens, and underscores.
          4.  File names must end with an file extension.
          5.  Avoid using spaces.

          Bad File name

          Smith ED594.doc

          Good File name


          ** Always close the file before uploading it to Blackboard.

     Blackboard Tests

          It is our recommendation that you do not use a wireless connection or Internet           Explorer while taking tests.  Some of the tests are set up with a force completion.           Force completion tests only allow students to have one attempt. If a connection is           accidently lost while taking a test, the test would be considered as complete. The           chances of this happening is very high if students take a test with a wireless           connection or Internet Explorer.